2010 Container & Upside Down Garden, Growing Herbs, Peppers, Tomatoes & Cucumbers – Update 4

Picked a bunch of veggies from the container garden! Also, a view of our tomatillo plant.

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    25 Responses to “2010 Container & Upside Down Garden, Growing Herbs, Peppers, Tomatoes & Cucumbers – Update 4”

    1. blognewb Says:

      Hi, sorry if this has been asked before but I have? been reading the comments and can’t find any description about what stand / pole you used and the name of that nice looking hooked pot you have. What do you call those so that we’d know what to ask when we buy, or if they’re available in Amazon. THANK YOU!

    2. Yewtoobnube Says:

      @blognewb The stand is a basic4 sided shepard’s hook. I actually purchased it at Lowes. I don’t remember, but I think it was around $40. I had a piece of 1/2″ steel rod that was 5′ long. I drove it into? the ground and slipped the shepard’s hook over the steel rod to increase the stability. The pots are simply plastic planters that I bought at the local dollar store. They were about $1.50 or $2 each. Nice and cheap!

    3. Yewtoobnube Says:

      @wmkk808 Thanks? very much! I appreciate it!

    4. blognewb Says:

      @Yewtoobnube wow, I never really expected you to respond. Thanks very? much for the reply! It is much appreciated!

    5. Yewtoobnube Says:

      @blognewb No problem. I try to respond to everyone who is nice enough to leave a comment. Just have been away from YouTube for a bit. Best of? luck to you!

    6. lifearoundhome Says:

      beautiful harvest, and wonderful? tomatillo plant 🙂

    7. Yewtoobnube Says:

      @lifearoundhome Thanks very much.?

    8. hydynryk Says:

      enjoyed your videos..
      I cant figure out how? to post a video response but, I have some videos of my garden this year on my channel page.. I apologize in advance for the few F bombs in the videos.
      happy gardening

    9. Yewtoobnube Says:

      @hydynryk I’ll? check em out.

    10. dianemummvideos Says:

      WOW , that is a? ton of peppers, I hope you have homes for all of them, or a nice supply for you.. 🙂

    11. FantasticMrFrog4r4 Says:

      all praise is to God 🙂
      Thanks for sharing? this Mr Yewtoobnube and for your gardening tips etc..

    12. Yewtoobnube Says:

      @FantasticMrFrog4r4 Thanx for taking the time to comment. I appreciate it!?

    13. Yewtoobnube Says:

      @dianemummvideos? Oh yeah, love peppers. Thanx for commenting. Do you garden??

    14. dianemummvideos Says:

      @Yewtoobnube , not so much this last year too many other plants to take? care of, but will start some herbs inside very soon.. and hope to get back into garden 2011

    15. ameetpinto Says:

      Did you know you can preserve your fresh peppers in Vodka? I have 2 quart sized jars of hot peppers from last summer still in my fridge and they are crisp and a vibrant red. I use them regularly when I need fresh pepper. It is a nice alternative to pickling and cuts? your salt intake.

    16. Yewtoobnube Says:

      @ameetpinto Very interesting,? and no I didn’t know that. Thanx.

    17. jumperchu Says:

      My neighbors have a huge garden in their yard, i helped them pick one time and they got just about as much as you have on this video lol,? they gave some away to the neighbors

    18. kharv29fan Says:

      Anything in store for? 2011 yet? I hope you plan on posting!

    19. GardenNewbie Says:

      What is a tomatillo? ??? cross between a tomato and an armadillo, lol !

    20. GCMaxProductions Says:

      Great looking harvest and quality plants, can you provide for the? whole family without having to buy fruit and veg from the supermarket?

    21. RandomHelena Says:

      mmmm beautiful!?

    22. ghavvard Says:

      how do you know when to pick the peppers?

    23. smartypantsify Says:

      Thanks for sharing your garden videos. I have started a large container with tomato, basil, and cucumber . I need to know what do you fertilize with? I’m planning to do some hanging plants soon. Please help me have? the success you’ve had. Thanks again.

    24. Yewtoobnube Says:

      @smartypantsify I mix 1/3 Miracle Gro Garden Soil for Flowers and? Veggies, 1/3 Miracle Gro Potting Mix w/ Moisture Control and 1/3 Bumpercrop. I? sprinkle in a little? blood meal and a? little bone meal. I also water regularly as containers need it. Thanks for posting and let me know how you make out!

    25. smartypantsify Says:

      Thanks for the fertilizer info. ? I plan to do a video and post – I’ll let you know. Thanks again!

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