All About Container Gardening | Avant Garden shows you all you need to know about container gardening, from plants to foods. Container gardens add life and color to decks, porches, patios and dull corners in the yard. You can use container gardens for shrubs and flowers, and also for herbs, vegetables and small fruit trees. There are so many different types of planters and flower boxes; you can create container gardens in a myriad of styles. ————————————————————————- About Avant® Garden is the premier brand of innovative outdoor living décor. From stylish coco planters and baskets, to flower boxes, plant stands, and fire pits — it’s the one stop brand for all outdoor décor needs. Avant® Garden also offers garden helpers, such as garden stakes, accessories, and various plant saucers that meet the demands of both gardening hobbyists and enthusiasts alike.

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    2 Responses to “All About Container Gardening |”

    1. mulberry100 Says:

      I want to plant some small shrubs in containers, but I live in an area where freezing temperatures are common in winter. How can I prevent the containers busting due to moisture/freezing? each winter? I need something that stays outdoors year round.

    2. ceahorse56 Says:

      @mulberry100, one shrub that you can not kill even if the pot freezes solid is a burning bush. You will have to keep it trim since they grow large but you can shape it and keep it bushy. Leaves turn a brilliant? red in the fall. I have them planted in my yard but gave a small one to my next door neighbor where it lives in a pot. and has been kept about 3′ tall. Just type in “Burning Bush 001.MP4 ” here on youtube and you can see how pretty they are. .

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