balcony container garden

My first real attempt at container gardening on my balcony.

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    24 Responses to “balcony container garden”

    1. MisBumblebee10 Says:

      love ur? garden!!! :)))

    2. Vickytoria3112 Says:

      I haven’t read through all of your comments so I don’t know if someone mentioned it before but, fertilizer might help you out. In the Gardening Stores I have seen the miracle grow for vegetables. Buy a small bag and? mix a little with your soil and see what happens. Just don’t over do it. Good Luck. Love your garden.

    3. LoniYoni Says:

      Your container garden is really nice. I have a? container garden as well. and yes
      YELLOW leaves means it’s being watered too much, just pick them off.
      I just wanted to mention i have a basil plant and I’m always pruning the leaves and pitching off the flowers and I also keep it in half shade half sun.
      My cilantro is NO WHERE near the size of yours it seems like it’s not growing but it’s not dying… ANY TIPS ON THAT?

    4. Jerry93M Says:

      thats so cool good job growing? that =)

    5. theGHETTOMAN1 Says:

      Wicked! *thumbs up* You have a lot of cool stuff goin there! ; D I wish I could use my balcony as well, but there’s too many idiots around here. lol I gotta replant my peppers and I’m gonna try? some hot ones this spring : ) Cool vid! Can’t wait to see how it goes for ya.

    6. reformedman Says:

      Great vid. I have plants on my balcony too but squirrels are always intruding on the soil in the planters, what a? nuisance. Do you get that problem also?

    7. shanams1 Says:

      look? up earth buckets on youtube they work really well i just made 2 and have them filled with carrots, basil and am saving the other for my cherry tomatoes. i got my buckets for 2.48 at walmart but if you look around you may be able to get them for free.good luck . and you will always get better with practice!!!

    8. bowler8 Says:

      No, water early morning…if you water at night, you will? get fungus or disease.

    9. blockstarful Says:

      super..good? work..comment for my video

    10. holgerhoja Says:

      very nice ^?

    11. dendogg55 Says:

      Your? basil looks amazing!!!! Nice work.:)))

    12. LadyWeasel Says:

      Herbs thrive when they are regularly trimmed. But don’t be too drastic. Cut the herb above a node (where leaves are coming out of the stem) and be sure to leave a few sets of leaves below your cut. The thing about the flowers I found to be true. My basil is going NUTS! I’ll record my container garden? as it is these days along with pictures of what it looked like when I first planted it. I haven’t had much luck growing things like peppers from seed. Any pointers, please message me.

    13. hctosee Says:

      Nice video! Have a great harvest! I have a balcony about your size and this? is my third year growing.

    14. wanderingturtle Says:

      nice? butt

    15. BackyardDiscoveryCo Says:

      Great Ideas! Thanks? for sharing.

    16. bebe mort Says:

      dont stop laughing and? gardening !!
      cheers from nb canada

    17. acoow Says:

      Yellow leaves means that you? are overwatering.

    18. Lisa Van Til Says:

      It would be lovely if you could also make a video with? your upgraded garden. These potted plants are absolutely beautiful and we would love to see more!

    19. justgivemethetruth Says:

      yeah? … how do you know what size girl she is ?

    20. alexander james Thomas Says:

      the cilantro? looks like cosmos

    21. Lisa Van Til Says:

      I’d love to see how your new garden turned out : ) It sounds like you’ve had a great garden after starting with these small? potted plants in your balcony 😀

    22. MetaKittie Says:

      Your containers are too small.You know those big 5? gallon paint buckets you can get at Home Depot? Tomato plants need one poke a hole in the side. Use a potting soil with a high amount of peat moss, it will retain more water. To add – tomatoes need regular fertilizing with liquid fertilizer weekly. DO NOT let your tomato plant dry out or you can kill it within a day. Lots of water. Lots of sun. That’s all you need besides everything needs bigger containers.

    23. blackphd2b Says:

      Thanks for your comment. This video is over 4 years old. This was the 1st repotting of that summer, but I eventually did upgrade the plants to bigger pots. My tomatoes were wonderful, by the way. I’m not big on commercial liquid fertilizers, but to each his/her own. Check out my? new garden on my other channel (Aunaptural1)

    24. hmagana Says:

      Thanks for the video you sound like a laid back girl like me, thanks for the inspiration I’m gonna try it in my? balcony 🙂

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