container gardening-bay tree

every kitchen garden needs one!

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    6 Responses to “container gardening-bay tree”

    1. evabloom Says:

      I’m really pleased you are adding the botanic name into your commentaries!! For us? novices it makes it all the more interesting, thankyou.

    2. ironlionkalo Says:

      what is? the name of the fertilizer you use?

    3. Kittenkattan Says:

      What do you do when it gets below -10 F.
      I have a small farm I started near Canada and want to keep a bay tree. Do you bring it in to? the house when it gets that cold?
      let me know.

    4. FOXTR121 Says:

      Ah, in Holland we? call it Laurier. Kind of simular to the first word; Laurus nobilis.

      Is also possible to keep it inside your home?

    5. theproducegarden Says:

      its really cold tolerant so outdoors should be fine nearly? anywhere. the fertliser i use is called “organic extra” all organic and really easy to use!

    6. CraftyKoo Says:

      My dog LOVES to eat organic? fertilizer pellets. Its so gross

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