Container gardening – Claire’s allotment part 88

How a few old tyres from your local garage and cardboard boxes from the local mini-mart can get you started on container gardening!

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    25 Responses to “Container gardening – Claire’s allotment part 88”

    1. meandmyaIIotment Says:

      You should never present with sunglasses on. It loses the connection with the audience.

      learn that in my bbc training.

    2. meandmyaIIotment Says:

      tip from my bbc training: you should never, ever, present with sunglasses on, makes the audience not connect with you.

    3. kokonutbaby1 Says:

      @ mukwah, perhaps u can try lining tires filled w/dirt along the end of the incline to catch and build up the soil so it does not wash away and level off your property. My whole property is sloped but I am trying to level it off and I do grow veggies on the north side..its not impossible..but try to use tires as a cheap retaining wall..u can cover them over so u cant tell they are tires later and vegetation will cover them if dirt/leaves are present.

    4. kokonutbaby1 Says:

      i think people worry too much about tires contaminating the soil..they have been used for years..i know my aunt when I was little used them and she lived to be 99 yrs old…she dipped snuff, too and drank irony well water so bad it was orange colored, lol..i drank it too, it was awful tasting but im still here, lol

    5. mukwah1111 Says:

      Hi Koko Actually I CANT change the property slope at all……..I back onto Conservation lands and its not permitted to alter the elevation or anything…..but the tire idea is a great one ! Thanks

    6. jihadacadien Says:

      My summer tires were too bare, but I kept them so next spring I’m gonna try this I’m gona grow potatoes and put more tires and dirt as the plants grows =) Don’t you just love those extra grip gloves?

    7. clairesallotment Says:

      You could always line the tyres with card, and by the time it’s biodegraded the bugs would have gone. Give the inside of the tyres a wash with hot soapy water and leave to dry naturally. If they are left outside over winter the cold should get rid of anything nasty. The manure I put on the soil is left on over winter and any bugs are killed off by the frost and snow (if we get any?).

    8. clairesallotment Says:

      I used cardboard boxes one year when I only had 1 plot and ran out of room. The tomatoes did really well in them. I got them from my local Sainsbury’s, they were pleased to get rid of them. We’re well into Autumn now, time to start planning for next season.

    9. clairesallotment Says:

      All the leaves are on the ground now. The council collect them and have been dumping a huge pile at the allotment site for us to use.

    10. clairesallotment Says:

      I know but the sun was really bright. I can’t have the camera round the other way otherwise I’ll look all pale. I can’t win. Still it’s great to have a bit of sun, we don’t have enough in my opinion.

    11. clairesallotment Says:

      Your aunt was obviously doing something right. As long as the tyres get an over wintering I’m sure they’ll be fine. Soon find out if I’m wrong.

    12. neild1 Says:

      Do you drill holes in the tyres at all to let excess water drain away and not build up in the walls? and dont worry about the sun glasses they looked fine.

    13. clairesallotment Says:

      Potatoes are much easier grown in a container because when you come to harvest them at least you can find them all just by emptying the container. I go through so may pairs of gloves in a year. The green ones I’ve got seem to last the longest and can also go in the washing machine.

    14. clairesallotment Says:

      No I don’t drill holes in the tyres, the water would drain straight down and through the cardboard. My glasses are a bit wonky I sat on them once.

    15. neild1 Says:

      wouldnt it do that anyway on the cardboard inside? nice to see your still here. looking forward to more vids if you get round to doing them this season.
      p.s. use jack duckworth sticky tape to fix your glasses if you sit on them again hehe

    16. jihadacadien Says:

      Your glasses make me laugh everytime I see them =) (I have some crooked ones too =)

    17. clairesallotment Says:

      Did you sit on yours too?

    18. jihadacadien Says:

      @clairesallotment No they fell in the garden and when I found them again they were crooked

    19. clairesallotment Says:

      It’s half term next week, so when they are back to school it’ll be full steam ahead and I’ll be filming more.
      Hope you have a great growing year.

    20. badsport2008 Says:

      I grew a few things in tyres last year; worked well for herbs as it contains them from spreading, and doubled tyres up to grow carrots very successfully. Aiming to grow parsnipsin tyres as well this year.

    21. clairesallotment Says:

      Potatoes should work very well. Also squashes and the like. This way you’ll remember where you planted them so it’ll be easier to water the roots.

    22. neilston1 Says:

      I grow herbs and potato’s last year [first time]
      This year we have about 18 people doing some kind of growing.
      Its the in thing

    23. antfiresbetter Says:

      Have you planted in your containers yet? I do hope you filmed it!

    24. clairesallotment Says:

      @antfiresbetter They’re ready and waiting for the beginning of June. I’ll make a film of what I’m doing.

    25. clairesallotment Says:

      @neilston1 Growing herbs in containers is great, especially for mint, then it doesn’t take over. Hope you’re all having a great time.

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