container gardening-rosemary

who doesn’t love rosemary?

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    7 Responses to “container gardening-rosemary”

    1. HazmatB Says:

      I know I love rosemary.

      Thanks for all of the great? videos. I’m looking forward to your self-sufficient week.

    2. RoTPhEaR Says:

      love your vids dude?

    3. lostintimeBC Says:

      one of your usa viewers ? how large is your property and what happened with that solar shower?

    4. theproducegarden Says:

      i’m on about 4 acres and the hot water shower? vid is coming, promise!

    5. goggleboxy Says:

      As a “gardening virgin” I found your vid very? helpful…thanks!

    6. BNforever2009 Says:

      my rosemary is coming up nice–sometimes water them with my special mix–1 gallon water, 2? oz Grandma molasses, 2 oz clear ammonia, 2 oz of apple cider vinegar–stir all ingredients and water plants

    7. HispanicPancake Says:

      My Rosemary died? all of the sudden. It looked like it was really dry. Can someone help me?

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