Container Gardening Season 1 – Week 11: Hand Pollination

Here’s this week’s video. It includes a demonstration of how we hand pollinate our cucumbers. Check out Tiffany’s blog post: Here’s a list of everything we’re trying to grow on our patio: – Cherry Tomatoes – Zucchini – Squash – Green Onions – Basil – Peppers – Lettuce – Green Beans – Cucumbers – Pumpkin (I know, I’m skeptical too)

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    7 Responses to “Container Gardening Season 1 – Week 11: Hand Pollination”

    1. MaribelLopez425 Says:

      Garden is looking great… yeah… tomatoes flowers!!! Same problem with pepper plants in my side. I hear you about the pollination,I wasn’t able to get to a few squash flowers when they opened up… and they? fell overnight! The most frustrating part is having females ready and no males o viceversa. The males also fell off fast.

    2. GardenCalifornia Says:

      Tomato flowers are easy to polinate though, they are self-polinating, you just tap them. ? Love tomatoes!

    3. ThePatioGardeners Says:

      @MaribelLopez425 I’ve read that other gardeners have has that problems with squash flowers and there was one person who would take her male flowers and freeze them and then once she had female flowers she used that to pollinate and apparently? it worked.

    4. MaribelLopez425 Says:

      @ThePatioGardeners That’s something to? try…nothing to lose… they will be dead anyways! I’ll see how it works for me, I’ll let you know.

    5. transam77033 Says:

      Good explanation for? pollinating. What are you doing for the powdery mildew or does it go away on its own?
      Thanks, Phyllis

    6. GoingOrganic1 Says:

      Enjoyed your video. I’m? trying to grow in containers also and doing some composting. I have some snow peas blooming right now. I don’t know if they need any help with pollination, but I was out there trying to help pollinate. There is not much insect activity this time of year. I’m going to grow borage during the summer season. It is supposed to draw many bees. I’m also going to plant some butterfly friendly weeds close to my vegetable plants.

    7. suryakuts Says:

      Using Q tips may? be a gentler pollination method. Doing great guys!

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