Container Gardening Think “In” the Box!

Gardening in Containers is more than you think! See Watermelon, Cantaloupe , Musk Mellons, Potatoes, Pumpkins Beans, Carrots, Squash, Cucumbers. Peas and of course Tomatoes and Lettuce. Want more see my blog

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    7 Responses to “Container Gardening Think “In” the Box!”

    1. MDBNGUYEN Says:

      Wow you certainly have a green thumb! Any tricks you’d like to share with us newbies?

    2. Empresspublishing Says:

      Thanks! I would say do not be afraid of pots. They are easy and using the “soil mix” that has fertilizer in it gives them a great start. Then I water and fertilize periodically. It is just plain fun! Go for it!

    3. alz123alz Says:

      What type of fertilizer do you use for your cherry tomatoes. The yield is unbelievable. I only have about six tomaotoes on my vine.Help!

    4. Empresspublishing Says:

      Good Question – Miracle Grow is the fertilizer. The season was excellent that year (2009) as well. This year (2010) in my region – Western Washington – the season was not good and tomatoes did not do as well. Hope this answers your question! Judy

    5. pgm98387 Says:

      ***** Nice!

    6. Empresspublishing Says:

      @alz123alz I do believe it is year to year on tomatoes. As you could see they were over the top that year. I use Miracle Grow. Container gardening requires extra help. 2010 I did not grow a garden. We travel in July. My sister-in-law did her tomarotes and they were a bust. The year was not good. 2011 I am hopeful. Enjoy gardening! Judy

    7. Empresspublishing Says:

      @MDBNGUYEN Really it was just a good year for a garden. 2010 I did not plant. We traveled in July. This year I plan to have a good container garden again. I use Miracle Grow. Container gardening requires extra boosts. Enjoy gardening! Judy

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