Container Gardening with Grape Vines

Patti Moreno plants Grape Vines in her container garden, continuing her edible landscape project at her Boston Urban Farm. Visit: http

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    25 Responses to “Container Gardening with Grape Vines”

    1. woodswoman783 Says:

      Wonderful! It took me a few years to get my grapes to work out but I love them. I have dinner parties out under the trellis as often as I can. Please let us see yours when they are grown. I would love to have a tour of your garden. It looks just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

    2. ravenessex Says:

      you’re just so inspiring and creative with your space for container gardening have learned so much and I am ready to expand my container garden and I just want to thank you for all the great gardening tips!!

    3. MadBadVoodo Says:

      Five Stars!!

    4. TheHealthJunkie Says:

      You look super healthy and fit. Absolutely gorgeous.

    5. dogatron Says:

      I love the t-shirt slogan.

    6. sammieluvsdoomy Says:

      why galvanized pots? do they provide any added benefits, as opposed to other types of pots?

    7. Sweetpickledhearts Says:

      so glad to see a new vid up!!! AH SO EXCITED! going to be growing a bunch this year! I have things starting to sprout already!

    8. Praxxus55712 Says:

      Beautiful leaves on those vines! I like them much better than the standard seedless grape vines I grow. But it’s hard to find them for zone 3. GRR.

    9. EbolaV1rus Says:

      @sammieluvsdoomy Galvanized containers last a really long time. And since these containers will be staying outside year round, you want a really sturdy container that will hold up under the weather. They can be a little spendy, but well worth the investment.

      Hope this helps.

    10. GardenGirltv Says:

      Me too.

    11. skycub99 Says:

      what do the sweet lace taste like? are they green or red?

    12. sammieluvsdoomy Says:

      it does help. thanks =)

    13. amiraprod525 Says:

      I saved some grape seeds. This makes me want to plant them. 🙂 Thanks, Patti!

    14. jihadacadien Says:

      awsome I can’t wait to grow some grapes too! And I’ll be as excited as you are I bet. Thanks for the vid it was informative!

    15. godokboy Says:

      I love seeing the joy gardening gives you! It is such a great feeling 🙂

    16. TheCreativeJournal Says:

      Love your videos Patti, you and your work inspire me!

    17. Kamoyaker Says:

      Very interesting, I never heard of growing grapes in containers before. Great idea to have a sun shade on the patio that produces food..

    18. kbgrowkid420 Says:

      those lace grapes are def. unique.

    19. lheartlondon Says:

      yeah, lacks content. what is your zone? what size are those containers? why just one per container? how big will they grown in those little containers? 20 ft? 30 ft? inthat small container? what’s so special about “lace grapes” other than the leaves? what zones do they work in? i’d like some more explaination with the enthusiasm and smiling. i’m watching to learn, not to just watch u put a plant in some dirt.

    20. lheartlondon Says:

      oh and you said it took years for it to work out. but didn’t say why it took years and what took years?

    21. GettingThereGreen Says:

      do you know if Concorde Grapes will grow well in a large pot outdoors? I bought a Concorde Grape vine last week and I would like to plant it in a large pot next to my patio. It is all cement near my patio so I wouldn’t be able to plant it directly into the ground. What do you think? ~Amanda (check out my videos and you’ll see my concorde grape vine)

    22. Praxxus55712 Says:

      GettingThereGreen, as long as the pot’s big enough you can definitely grow them in a pot. I should have thought of that before I planted mine in the ground. Early frosts are harsh on them.

      Concord grapes = Magically delicious!! 🙂

    23. GettingThereGreen Says:

      @Praxxus55712 Thanks, I’m glad to hear! And thanks for subscribing.

    24. dollladie Says:

      I’m zone 5b – would I need to take extra steps to over winter these? Should the containers be buried, or what? Also, I’ve discovered a wild grape vine growing up against our house. I’ve been told to get rid of it (invasive) – but, the birds like it; can it be trained on a trellis, or is it just bad news? Thanks Much!

    25. firstsharlord Says:

      @lheartlondon I agree, lots of info left out

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