Drip Irrigation for patio roof container gardening GardenFork.TV

GardenFork.TV DIY Drip Irrigation, easy to do using soaker hose and some garden hose. This drip irrigation automatic watering system is great for a green roof, deck, balcony container gardens. Container gardens dry out quickly, especially up on a roof, so you will need to use an automatic watering timer with this soaker hose drip irrigation system. More great videos and info on our site, www.GardenFork.TV

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    19 Responses to “Drip Irrigation for patio roof container gardening GardenFork.TV”

    1. MegaShaytardfan Says:

      Great idea, I thought about doing the little sprayers but the soaker hose sounds better. I? got a bad back so what I want to do a hanging buckets to have tomateos peppers on the bottom and lettuce on top. Thanks again for the tip.

    2. loislaney23 Says:

      I hate when I forget the? clamp, it just doesn’t seem to go back together that easy. LOL Good info!

    3. bmeyer44 Says:

      You don’t look right? on a roof in New York….please go back to the country, you’re making me nervous on that roof top!! LOL

    4. TheVbird420 Says:

      I was planning on doing this but didnt? think to put a jumper hose in between to keep water from dripping out, brilliant! Im off to the hardware store, glad I have use for my old puntured hose! =D

    5. kingheart666 Says:

      Thanks Alot?

    6. pavelow235 Says:

      Wait you own property in the country? and a Brooklyn brownstone…..what are you rich or something?

    7. 1betrman Says:

      soaker hose works great in the city where water pressure is high.
      In the country our well water pressure just isn’t strong enough to push the water thru a soaker hose (at least out in our garden). But? I imagine on a small scale it would work fine for anyone anywhere.
      Enjoyed the post!

    8. DBIGMAN812MANY Says:

      Thanks? for the tips. Here’s one for you if you pull the bit out of the screwdriver you were using it fit’s on the screw of the clamp and is way easier to tighten than the slotted top that keeps slipping off.

    9. erochow Says:

      @DBIGMAN812MANY yes, good point,? i should have told people about that one. eric.

    10. erochow Says:

      @1betrman you might want to consider changing? out the pressure switch on your well. at my house in the country i have a spring that feeds the water system, and i have a 20/40 psi pressure switch and the soaker hoses work well with it. thx, eric.

    11. erochow Says:

      @pavelow235 no, we bought the apartment really cheap ( it needed a lot? of work ), and our house upstate was going to be burned down by the local fire department for firefighting practice ( it needed a lot of work too ) eric

    12. erochow Says:

      @TheVbird420 yeah, i had originally just looped the soaker hose over? the lip of each container, then i had this ” aha ” moment. and i had some old garden hose laying around. eric.

    13. erochow Says:

      @bmeyer44 rooftops in NYC are great. we have a view? of a lot of BKLN and the bay.

    14. erochow Says:

      @loislaney23 editing is everything…?

    15. erochow Says:

      @MegaShaytardfan the sprayers ( emitters ) are good, but you have to bring them in before the frost date, soaker hoses? leak out water, so they don’t freeze and crack. they do wear out after a few years though.

    16. 1betrman Says:

      ditto: have replaced the whole shooting match over the past 20 years and have? still never been satisfied with my water pressure vs my city water pressure.But the trade off is that I have the best tasting water in the world drawn from my well.I certaintly appreciate your reply!
      Mant thanks from the Magnolia State!

    17. ndktube Says:

      @1betrman I had the? same issue with rain barrel water–not enough pressure to drive water thru a soaker hose.

      Eric cool idea. Plants in pots dry out almost instantly. That’ll work as long as you never want to move the pots around!

      Did you really lose that country property? That’s too bad.

    18. kokohawk Says:

      I’ve been wondering on an easier way to water all of my pots. I have probably about 40 and? it takes forever. I might have to tweek this idea a little but this would definitely work.

    19. MzzTam Says:

      i think it’s eerie how your videos correspond w/ the thoughts in my head. I was just thinking about drip irrigation.? #spooky

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