Easy Self Watering Patio Container Garden – Growing Herbs and Leafy Green Vegetables

John from www.growingyourgreens.com shows you from start to finish how easy it is to set up a self-watering patio pickers “raised bed” container garden. In this episode, John will set up two of these container gardens that are perfect for growing on a patio, deck, porch, lanai or other small area for people that live in an apartment, condo or townhome with limited space. John will show mixxing his special soil mixture and talk about what he is planting in each patio pickers garden and why. After watching this episode, you will be able to set up and start growing your own patio pickers garden.

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    25 Responses to “Easy Self Watering Patio Container Garden – Growing Herbs and Leafy Green Vegetables”

    1. loislaney23 Says:

      Love the ending!! Would love? to see more video out takes.

    2. ulisesottierjr Says:

      John you change my live you an other people on youtube that grow food and tell you how to grow have? inspire me to grow food my self Thank You.

    3. 99keltin Says:

      hey John, I live in the bay area, where are great places to buy Rock dust? Is marin soil solution good? I don’t want? to buy online because of crazy shipping fees and plus as you said, locals are the best right? I live near Walnut Creek, CA any stores within 20-30 miles would be awesome. Thank you!

    4. Newtacious Says:

      I have 9 Rainbow Chard plants that are growing greatly, but the leaves taste kinda awful. They have like a earthy flavor with? an extremely bitter after taste. Is it how Im growing them or just me?

    5. hillalton Says:

      I really enjoy your videos and am in the process of making my backyard a garden and now have about 12 fruiting trees started. Keep up the good? work.

    6. leavittphoto Says:

      I already filled up and planted several earth boxes with potting SOIL. How will I know if it wasn’t good enough soil for the container and doesn’t have wicking properties? What will happen/not happen? to the plants?

    7. r3bol Says:

      Thanks for the? soil tip. I’ve just made a couple of SIP buckets but filled them with regular garden soil. I’ll look into throwing wicking material like coconut coir in future.

    8. Themaddenfat5 Says:

      Hi John, just wanted you to know you’re freaking awesome! I’ve always wanted to grown my own fruits and vegetables, but you truly inspired me to start. I’ve learned so much from all your videos and hope? one day I can have a fully sustainable garden like yours!! Hope you come back to Seattle again 🙂

    9. meetmebehindthebar Says:

      Please don’t pee on your plants IF you have Hep C, HiV, or? an infection ANYWHERE in your body, You can kill your plants if you have an infected tooth or something else like a healing wound. Your urine filters out that stuff.

    10. Patricia Brown Says:

      John, you have inspired me to grow a veg & fruit garden. THANK YOU I started in containers, then I planted in 3 big bag beds. Have terrible gopher problem, so? all has to be planted on top of hardware cloth & cardboard. Used your advise for soil plus micro & soil blast. Also starting seeds & growing sprouts in the terrific sprout maker I purchased. I will keep on growing. Patricia

    11. Patricia Brown Says:

      John, please look into Agrowinn rock dust. It looks great but expensive. You can find it on the net. The home depot seems to be selling the worst soil. I started my own compost, but it’s not so great, so I bought Kellogs OMRI COMPOST. I also started? a worm farm, growing sprouts, using pearlite, peat moss, mycoblast, soilblast, and set up a water filter on my hose, as you suggested. Hope for the best. Patricia

    12. Patricia Brown Says:

      John, can or should I transfer some of my worms from my worm farm into my raised garden? I also wanted you to know that gardening has been one? of the finest therapeutic experiences of my life, and has brought me closer to the Lord, my personal saviour. Thanks, Patricia from Encino, CA.

    13. RummelsdorfLabs Says:

      21:35 Nasturtiums for the? win!!! I love em! My 2nd favorite plant in the world! Oh and i am all for high density planting.
      Thumbs up!

    14. govindsudha Says:

      Hi John ,
      I am new to gardening ,Thanks to you I started my little veg garden, I planted 4 Tomato plants along with other vegies,& It’s been a month & I gave them some kelp meal about 2 weeks before & some fish emulsion about 1 week before But these plants are still too small , I got some earthwarm casting & caw manure i am going to add tomorrow , how much more longer should i wait? to see the effect?

    15. TheGreenPassage Says:

      I love to be your friend john? that is one good expensive mix hope your friend will appreciate and convert to a gardener like you best regards

    16. ArizonaAdventures Says:

      they look pretty? cool

    17. joefeser Says:

      A 4 cf bag is around $24 a bag but it is produced in the SC? area.

    18. niffer58 Says:

      Yes, John you and many others on YouTube have helped me start my own garden. I thank you and everyone that contributed to helping me get growing. It’s fun and rewarding to? eat something you grew yourself.

    19. joefeser Says:

      Double high five? taking it to the next level.

    20. joefeser Says:

      In Greenville? SC A 4cf bag is $25.

    21. joefeser Says:

      No offense but this is common sense.? I agree this is geared at the viewers.

    22. rubbernecker13 Says:

      Man John, that seems like tiny water rez’s for all those plants, if it was me I’d hook a siphon from one to the next and then to a kiddie pool or something with some sharpie marks for the water level. I’ve had tomato plants drink over 5 gallons each in wicking grows. Great video though, thanks for? showing us all this cool stuff.

    23. rubbernecker13 Says:

      5 gallons per? day.

    24. dennischenotr Says:

      Hey john. You have taught me a lot about growing greens. My goal is to may e grow 50%of my own food. Haha we’ll see how that goes but what has made the greatest change is the rock dust. I had one of my beds with rock dust and another without and? you can totally tell the difference in growing. Just by touching the leaves you can tell plants with rock dust are much more health and strong. Thanks again for all the encouragement and knowledge.

    25. 9k8money Says:

      ok that makes a lot of sense BUT THEN IF THAT IS THE CASE THEN why are we worrying about chemical fertilizers …. cause if? the pee does not affect the plant then how would the chemical DO ANY DIFFERENT ….
      just thinking about that ?????/ hmmmm what is the difference then

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