Examples of Container Gardening, Raised Bed Garden, Vertical Tower Garden at the Great Park

John from www.growingyourgreens.com goes on a field trip to the Orange County Great Park to share with you many different examples of how they are showing you can grow food at home. In this episode, you will see many different examples of growing food in different ways, such as: A Square Foot Raised Bed Garden, an Elevated Easy Access Raised Bed Garden, Vertical Tower Garden, Hay Bale Garden, Container Gardening, and even food growing in a wheelbarrow. After watching this episode, you will know many of the different ways you can grow a vegetable garden today. .

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    25 Responses to “Examples of Container Gardening, Raised Bed Garden, Vertical Tower Garden at the Great Park”

    1. lefty0mtl Says:

      That was a GREAT tour! Lots of fantastic? ideas. Also, I had no problems with the sound quality. Cheers from Canada!

    2. potteryworks Says:

      John what was the name of the stackable? planters? Eggrow?

    3. rskurow Says:

      Hey John, Congratulations of getting 6,000.? views in two days! Keep up the good work.

    4. nitsujpmek1 Says:

      @growingyourgreens did you have to bury those post for YOUR raised garden? If so how far? If not did you use an inner brace for support? Or if it would be easier do you have a video explaining how you built your raised beds? It seems like too much dirt to be in just? an? open box!? Keep the vids coming!!

    5. FreidasGarden Says:

      John, Do you ever have a problem with earwigs and what do? you do if you do?

    6. jbld50 Says:

      I can not find asbestos free vermiculite in my area. The only product I can find is from Sta-Green. If the bag does not say asbestos free, can it? be in there? I really don’t want to mess with this stuff if any level of asbestos is in it. Can I use a substitute for container tomatoes?

      I am new to gardening and I have been watching all of your videos to learn all of your methods and gain knowledge.

      Your videos give me me so much motivation to get out there and grow my own greens! Thank You!

    7. aspire1more Says:

      Love your vidoes John – I eat ’em up with a big spoon! Just want to say I? sure hope you use a good SPF (50 or better) on your exposed skin as you are out of doors SO MUCH – a hat would be good for you too. Sunglasses are a must to avoid Cataracts.

    8. Peppergrowing Says:


    9. 1mochalattemom Says:

      thanks? for the great tips and ideas

    10. Hamish121212 Says:

      Those prickly pear cactus is considered a noxious weed where I live in Australia.? All the country roads have hundreds of them growing wild. Can you show us how to harvest and use the fruit.

    11. PatRedstone Says:

      Great video. Thanks. We’re in San Diego so I’ll have to stop by? Irvine to see the park.

    12. concow111 Says:

      Hey, I like the rough quality of the videoing, sounds on wind on the mic, and varying lighting conditions. In my opinion? you’re the best food gardening show on the web. Thanks John.

    13. DawnMSuiter Says:

      Fantastic thank you for the? tour!

    14. Maugirl2 Says:

      great video John, thank you. I don’t? live in America, but there is always something to learn from your videos:)

    15. johnscar204 Says:

      mic sounds fine? to me

    16. dserda Says:


    17. dserda Says:

      Hey John ~ I work for the company that makes the AgroTower.
      Please check your? email for our response to your recent inquiry.

    18. UnoRaza Says:

      7:35 “Prickley Pair” The pads, or napoles, are high in insoluble fiber, vitamins A, B? and C, beta carotene, iron, sodium and a full range of amino acids, the building blocks of all protein. In addition, the fibrous pectin lowers blood sugar in diabetics and lowers LDL (bad) cholesterol while leaving the HDL (good) cholesterol unchanged.

    19. UnoRaza Says:

      He’s a good man; I hope you take care of him as it DID cause me to hit your site!

      $10 each is not a bad price? for 6!

    20. phoggee Says:

      Can someone please point to me to the video for a tower he said he showed how to build similar to the AgroTower in styrofoam?

    21. Tanfeliz Says:

      Hey John – You’ve inspired me! I live on almost an acre, have? a ton of unused garden space, never got around to supporting the grapes that are huge out back. I’m ashamed! Thanks for the ideas, I see how easy I can make this.

      I have almost no money right now, so I’m going to start with salad stuff in the ground, supporting the grapes with an old swingset frame I found. Thanks!

    22. Gay4U1979 Says:

      growpots? dot com/price dot html

    23. mobetterpown Says:

      Thank you for the video! We found? it awesomely helpful!

    24. Hareldones Says:

      try not to repeat useless information like “this is the farm lab” okay, that’s great. but we don’t need to hear it multiple times because its not information? we are looking for. 😛 youtube can replay if we miss something. 🙂 just a suggestion

    25. Chantellejeane Says:

      I just found the vertical tower pots in the? 99cent store today, but you would have to make your own holes.

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