Gardening: How to plant a mixed container

How to plant a mixed container Watch gardening expert Kristin Schleiter’s tips on how to plant a mixed container, and then design your own pots with plants you love.

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    5 Responses to “Gardening: How to plant a mixed container”

    1. saxotron Says:

      no sound near the end of? the vid… not cool…

    2. chrisdietlmeier Says:

      @saxotron …not cool xD =P?

    3. blakesbeats Says:

      Was good until the sound was lost just when the crucial? info was coming…correct or remove

    4. hoanganh287 Says:

      nice idea! Thank you so much for? sharing!

    5. gorgeousmaricris1120 Says:

      thanks for? sharing……

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