How To Plant A Water Wise Container Garden – WGN 9 News

Shawna Coronado appears on WGN 9 News (Chicago) as a sustainability and greening expert. She plants a conservation oriented container garden and educates on planting perennial gardens with the appropriate water-saving soil. WGN 9 News gave The Casual Gardener Co. permission to utilize this video for demonstrating Shawna Coronado’s expertise on television. This video is uploaded to You Tube with permission. See more of Shawna at

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    4 Responses to “How To Plant A Water Wise Container Garden – WGN 9 News”

    1. manicbuyer Says:

      there is no volume?

    2. TheCasualGardener Says:

      There is volume, but you have to raise your volume up on your computer high -? I’m not sure how else to correct that! Thanks!

    3. DEERVIEW1 Says:

      “Greening Expert?” Using new? ziploc bags?!

    4. TheCasualGardener Says:

      @DEERVIEW1 I understand your concern. Actually these were not “new” ziploc bags I reuse the bags over and over for public demonstrations I do. I find if the product is in a clear container, it’s easier for people to see the product and understand how it’s to be used.

      I agree with you – I should be using glass as it is more recyclable. Like a ball jar. I’ve done that in the past and the? jars have gotten broken in transport. Will continue to research a better solution.

      Thanks, Shawna

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