Indoor Container Garden 4

This is video 4 of my experiment growing vegetables indoors. This is after 3 full weeks of growth. The green beans and white onions seem to be doing well. The lettuce and green onions are alive, but maybe not so good. I started a new white onion bulb, 2 green onions, a Rooster Spur pepper plant, and a Cherokee Purple tomato plant. To help save money, I have resorted to using 2 liter soda bottles and milk jugs when the plants can use that size pot. I also got a smaller full spectrum light bulb (27 watt cfl, 100 watt incandescent equivalent) and a hangable lamp. It is not the final solution, but an interim step until I can order a 105 watt, 6500k bulb. See more at

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    10 Responses to “Indoor Container Garden 4”

    1. mrfoltz Says:

      You may want to open your blind [don’t know if you do during the day… so far I’ve just relied on the sun. I may have to get a sun lamp if? I get more than just herbs growing…. [ i have a heated sunroom that has south+ west exposure]….

    2. mrfoltz Says:

      Don’t forget to cross pollinate the flowering? veggies [tomatoes] with a Q-tip or a feather…

    3. Sup3D Says:

      Yeah, I was? going to try the q-tip method. It seemed easiest.

    4. Sup3D Says:

      On sunny days I’ll open it all day. This window is mostly south facing and I get good sun from about 9 am – 2 pm. So usually when I get? home at 6pm I’ll turn on the artificial lite until about 11 pm.

    5. yoursubzzzhere Says:

      You need alot? more light, but it’s always fun to grow… GL in the future.

    6. projectcmd Says:

      more light and lettuce and onions prefer cooler temps. between? 55 and 70 degrees. Try that. Good luck

    7. juststl Says:

      everyone says more light.. very true.. but SOIL is also key.. i use foz farm soil works wonders.. litteraly a miracle.. miracle grow sucks?

    8. youcantmissthebear Says:

      vegetables, not ughh… drugs… lol?

    9. almartinplumbing Says:

      Thanks for the great Ideas, I can’t? wait to try them.

    10. mynxiejynxie Says:

      I love seed savers exchange, definitely support them. They sell online, and offer a catalog. I bought sage, thyme, basil, peppermint, calabrese broccoli, winter density lettuce and ground cherries. They’re in the mail right now, I plan on doing a vertical bottle window garden,? if you have limited space indoors like me, its an awesome design, go to windowfarms(dot)org . I love indoor gardening, I have yet to produce a yield, I started my garden in the beginning of may. Its really fun and exciting

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