Indoor Container Garden 9

Sorry for the delay since the last video. We had a daughter born about 2 weeks ago and things are just now settling down a bit. My indoor garden has been doing well. I have blossoms forming on my tomatoes and my peppers are growing well. I’ve also started seeds for peppers and tomatoes for an outside garden this spring. See more at

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    22 Responses to “Indoor Container Garden 9”

    1. yoursubzzzhere Says:

      Just touch all of the flowers a couple times a day with a q-tip. You will have tomatoes in no time. Happy growing! ? =D

    2. UncleRice00 Says:

      Those flies may be pollinating the flowers. Before bees got imported to the? Americas, flies did that job. If she doesn’t like the flies, maybe you can start a beehive in the kitchen. 🙂

    3. jessijordanmusic Says:

      Hey I am intrigued by your garden. I started 1 myself. I’m growing tiny tim tomatoes which? are determinate & will only get to 1 foot or so. Your tomato plant is huge! Pls make an update video!

    4. Wizechris1 Says:

      lol stop catching the gnats/flies. They pollinate the flowers, once the flowers are? pollinated put that trap back up

    5. HowEyeSee Says:

      Tomatoes? are self pollinating. You can give them a shake or tap on the stake a few times to help assist in pollination.

    6. dontlikeittobad Says:

      Ha Ha, get a new hobbie, you suck at gardening!!!?

    7. nimitta1 Says:


    8. marcusorilius Says:

      How about some floresent tube lights? Cheap and better spred of light. You can hang them? from the ceilling on a chain and move them up/down as needed.

    9. Kruelvillethewest Says:

      i give you alot of credit probably your first time and your doing seeds i hate seeds i always get? jouvenile plants my seeds never germinate

    10. juststl Says:

      hobby? not hobbie

    11. liamsdad33 Says:

      1 cfl if you were next to me id pat you? on the back good job bro

    12. immayhem Says:

      beautiful? 🙂

    13. stonerj0e Says:

      for a few more buck you could get a 400 watt hps fixture and your plants would love it . if you saw the difference, you would go buy one as soon as you could .?

    14. bowler8 Says:

      how much are the 400 watt? hps and where can I get one?

    15. Brndon076 Says:

      to get the plants to blossem better start them at 18 hours a day until maturaty, then? 12 hours a day and your plant will start producing fruits

    16. nathuwjohn Says:

      Congrats on baby~~
      Did the carrot inside work?
      mint is awesome bc it’s a perennial and has some good nutrients…
      i kept? a tomato plant inside all winter, and had tomatoes over winter..was pretty nice.

    17. LovesGoodStories311 Says:

      I’ve heard that using an electric? toothbrush works well in pollinating the plants

    18. Hodmokrin Says:

      How many hours? of light is your garden getting?

    19. ChumpyChicken2 Says:

      @marcusorilius Perfect:-)?

    20. jerryk2198 Says:

      Theres no way that flourecent is 400 watts? Is it really? Are you sure? Or does it say it puts out as many lumens as a 400 watt incandecent???
      To me that looks like a 150 watt CFL at? the most, but i may be totally wrong.
      Great plants by the way!!!

    21. MrPodre27 Says:

      Are you sure? the “vibrating thing” isent a dildo???

    22. TheClownCentral Says:

      spearmint in pretty aggressive so keep it in a pot unless you want it taking over? your garden

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