My Indoor Container Garden Grown By 90 Watt Led UFO Grow Light Update 1

This is my indoor container garden. We are growing Brandy Wine Tomato, Sweet One Hundred Cherry Tomato, Black Beauty Egg Plant, Ace Red Peppers and Danver Half Long Carrot We chose the 90 Watt LED Grow light due to its efficiency and power It Has been around a month now all grown from seed except for the sweet one hundred cherry tomato which we cloned from our outdoor garden.

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    20 Responses to “My Indoor Container Garden Grown By 90 Watt Led UFO Grow Light Update 1”

    1. myrifan Says:

      Oh man, these are really the most popular releases yet! The actual russian federal government recently opened up to public 300 written documents! Take a look at ufosecretXnet (replace X with . )

    2. pxoxgxo Says:

      do you have to use spot pots or cups to start off or can you just put it in a big pot

    3. vivriano Says:

      do you think the 660nm red is more imp than 630. There seems to be conflicting info all over the net.

    4. MrWitgenstein Says:

      @slimhitter Yeah man you can. I am going make a flower bed with the 600 W LED I just snatch at pulsargrowdotcom. really cheap with 3W LED’s in. Can’t wait til my flowers grow big so I can impress my mom. huray what a jolly good day.

    5. redicculus Says:

      Those plants are all stretched out. They need CMH lamps.

    6. eaterofworldsx Says:

      use cloneing pucks or rockwool and a heat mats with a humidity dome and you will make better clones that grow faster.

    7. eaterofworldsx Says:

      o yeah and you should cut the flowers off the tomatos so they dont sap strengh from the plant intill your ready to flower

    8. eaterofworldsx Says:

      your cfls are too far away from your plants to do any good at all and lower your ufos for ffs they dont burn pl;ants that easy!

    9. gasmotorsportltd Says:

      iv used the 300w worked really well cheap aswell got it from cheapest price i found

    10. desertdude71 Says:

      excellent – very rich narrative. Thanks guys! When growing a seedling tom plant (2 weeks old) do you crank up the blue spectrum (e.g. 80% blue)m and then reverse it at flowing to 80% red light? I have my new 90W UFO set to 50:50 mix, about 2ft from the plant, and the plant is struggling. I’ve been hand spraying it with water and soil is good quality in a well drained pot.

    11. annahasier Says:

      We’ve used cfl and led until about 5 months ago. from prop to bud the best results we’ve had has been full spectrum induction. It creamed the led in both the 300 & 650 nanometer ranges so it only took one 100 watter to get a very nice 12 week yield. I’m only responding because until you samle these in a tent or closet grow you’ll only think cfl or led. ther is a good video on youtube for indagro lights. check it out and their website for more info. Anyone buy some LED panels?

    12. pfolvig Says:

      Great video wanted to see the follow up.

    13. HallPassExpired Says:

      If Y’alls life revolves around weed, then you dont have much of a life, leastwize one worth living… Grow the hell up..

    14. missincali85 Says:


    15. nevercaughtslippin Says:

      do you recommend these kind of lights?

    16. ArgotMay Says:

      90w Hydroponic UV UFO LED Grow light – 2009 GB Winner!
      Ultra Violet, Made in USA Ships USA – Cree Cheap, patented, excellent.

    17. 79willson Says:

      @kaspastarr damn strate probly kids….. take care bro.

    18. joejeep03 Says:

      @missincali85 I’ve heard LED’s suck too.

    19. rbarbro Says:

      Great update thank God you’re not growing pot or something stupid, alot of people are really interested in indoor gardening for Veg or Herb gardens

    20. TheThirdWing94 Says:

      @HallPassExpired lol. Theres farmers in Northern Cali that are some of the most respectful and nicest people you’ll meet, and all the do is smoke & grow pot. Its more than the drug THC. Its really a beautiful thing. Watching a plant go from a baby to a mature adult, and your only rewarded with the work you put in. People think its easy, and it is if you follow a book. But to actually learn how and why the plant does what it does is a whole different thing.

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