My Organic Container Garden and Harvesting Bok Choy For My Morning Juice!

My first attempt at an organic container garden. Its just a start, it was just an experiment to organic gardening myself which I have never had my own garden and I really do love the process. Next year I will expand as much as I can with the room that I have. Stay tuned for that one!

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    19 Responses to “My Organic Container Garden and Harvesting Bok Choy For My Morning Juice!”

    1. sdaryab Says:


    2. 32sashu Says:


    3. jpknitech70 Says:

      Awesome!! Don’t you just love it!! Looks like you’ve got a green thumb ; )

    4. aRawLifestyle Says:

      @jpknitech70 all i feed the plants is juice pulp! lol 🙂

    5. Mowet100 Says:

      thats great :0)

    6. puffyclouddd1 Says:

      Awesome!!!! 🙂

    7. annadrenalina Says:

      Looks delicious! 😀

    8. QueenSeduire Says:

      Awesome! Could you pls do another vid talking more about organic container gardening I would like to know how to get started and what you’ve learned so far

    9. aRawLifestyle Says:

      @QueenSeduire I do have one that I made about re-planting the bok choy I could edit and post regarding the soil I used and the you think that would help a little for now..?

    10. aRawLifestyle Says:

      @QueenSeduire I cannot seem to find it now, I think I deleted it bc I thought it was too boring. I will try to do a new one for might be a little while bc I have many projects I’m currently in the middle of. But this is on the to-do list. TY 🙂

    11. ReillyAJ Says:

      awe thats so awesome! this journey really has changed a lot for you huh?

    12. aRawLifestyle Says:

      @ReillyAJ that’s an understatement!! lol.. now I am looking into beauty products I use on a normal basis…finally looking into them…lol video in the near future about what I use(d) and what it contains…oh man I learn SO much daily! And it all started with a little green juice 😀

    13. midcenmod Says:

      I love container gardening! We have garden-loving deer, so it’s the only way I can grow veggies. I have kale, mints, basil, & Yukon gold potatoes. Now I’m inspired to plan more veg for next season (romaine, arugula, thai basil, cilantro, sweet grape tomatoes, & sweet peppers)!

    14. guestaccount26 Says:

      Facial beauty products I would suggest “Juice Organics” line. LOVE THEM!!! Shampoo/Conditioner they sell is also nice.

    15. RyanMarisMakeupx3 Says:

      You have such a pretty house/yard! Also, can you show us more how you use bok choy? If in juice, what do you pair it with? Seriously in LOVE with your videos!!! Starting my juice fast this weekend (hopefully! i guess it’s dependent on when we buy our juicer!! :P) and would also like to know what I should start out with? Thanks!

    16. aRawLifestyle Says:

      @RyanMarisMakeupx3 TY! Its just a shame that I rent and cannot have a “real” garden 🙁
      But I sure am trying to do what I can 🙂
      With bok choy I add it to just about any juice. Esp the green juice. It does have a strong flavor alone.
      I have over 31 vids I made for my 31 day juice fast, hope they help you somewhat, I would start by making sure you have apples and lemons in the juice, and don’t forget to drink straight fruits, fresh orange juice and my fav pineapple, strawberry fennel. GOOD LUCK!

    17. UltraDOG17 Says:

      i do tried my best to afford Organic products as much as i can.
      nice intro, Ms. Raw!
      anyways, this video going to my favorites!

    18. aRawLifestyle Says:

      @UltraDOG17 aww ty 🙂 I am considered poverty. I just try to compare sales, stock up and freeze when prices are great and go to farmers markets as much as possible. I gave up other luxuries to buy more organic, esp apples, grapes, strawberries and greens. Gave up cable tv (best decision of my life) and a few others. I love this way of living! ¨*:·.?.·:*¨Much Love¨*:·.?.·:*¨

    19. ColorDivaPRDR Says:

      So h

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