Off-Grid Self-Watering Container Gardening System: 100% Hands-Free Watering Conversion

Most “self-watering” planters you see at stores are really only self wicking. You still need to manually add water to the each plant container. With my system we have been adding water to one water container, a 5 gallon bucket. With my plants growing larger and the weather heating up the plants are using more water each day. They are up to five gallons of water a day right now. This video shows how to convert from using a 5 gallon bucket to a garden hose or a 275 gallon ICB tote to water your container garden 100% hands free.

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    25 Responses to “Off-Grid Self-Watering Container Gardening System: 100% Hands-Free Watering Conversion”

    1. oldgeekster1 Says:

      That much growth, that many, obviously healthy, growing plants on only 5 gallons of water? a day in April in the Houston area is flat-out amazing to these old eyes! Was wondering when/how you would tie it all into your rainwater collection system and, once again, you have exceeded my expectations. GREAT low-cost design and thank you once again for sharing all of this with the rest of us! Truly off-grid and ready for the next thundershower to help sustain plant life and life itself.

    2. PopPrepper Says:

      Love? your vids on this stuff. I couldn’t help but notice your air conditioning drip on that side of the house. Have you ever thought of trying to recover that condensation? it looks like it comes out pretty low… or maybe you have it in a past vid… I’m kinda new to your channel.

    3. mhpgardener Says:

      Very nice setup. Judging by the overall health and appearance of the? plants, its definitely working.

    4. imasurvivornthriver Says:

      Your Plants look GREAT! I’m finishing? up with my system hopefully tomorrow. Thanks for sharing.

    5. LDSPrepper Says:

      Thank you. I think the key is the soil mix. Mix one cup powdered garden lime or dolomite or agricultural limestone with one cup organic fertilizer? to 70% peat moss and 30% pearlite mix water until wet but not soggy. The plants thrive in it.

    6. LDSPrepper Says:

      Thank you. That means a? lot to me coming from you. I love your videos. Thank for sharing and commenting.

    7. LDSPrepper Says:

      Awesome,? a new project! I have stood and looked at it but haven’t worked on it. I was wondering what I was going to do with my time now that everything is planted.

    8. LDSPrepper Says:

      Thank you. I’m pretty excited too. All I need is one inch of rain to fall on my? roof and I get 1,600 gallons of water into my water cubes. I love it. And so do my plants.

    9. LDSPrepper Says:

      I tried. I couldn’t. :)?

    10. LDSPrepper Says:

      For 2-3 weeks the water didn’t move. Then all of the sudden the plants got big and? it got hot. So I was filling the 5 gallon bucket every day this week.

    11. MrMekune Says:

      I imagine thats more due to the weather than the plant. I wouldnt have thought anything other than a tree? or something thirsty like corn would have drained your bucket like that.

    12. sugerbear520 Says:


    13. 1oldarmyguy Says:

      Very nice!?

    14. stymye Says:

      awesome , they are drinking well , Many people don’t realize how much a plant can take up ..
      ? just one large tomato can take up 2 – 2-1/2 gallons a day especially in hot conditions

    15. imasurvivornthriver Says:

      You sure got it? RIGHT! The results prove it. 🙂

    16. legion2k Says:

      Everything looks great but.. You’re putting all that water on the line with that float valve. If it gets hung up or malfunctions you could leak out that whole container or a good portion of it. The other side of the coin is a pump on a timer. Could run off a battery with a solar charger or something. You’d need an anti siphon vent but I like that better. Default on that is off and in a way yours is always on. There are? float switches also. That will turn things off and on by the water level.

    17. LDSPrepper Says:

      Thanks for your comment. I would hate to? have a problem and drain the whole water cube.

    18. LDSPrepper Says:

      I think we do our best as gardeners to water plants but I really? think we have no idea how much and how often to water. That is why I like the self-watering method. Less work for me and the plants get all the water they want.

    19. marthale7 Says:

      You might check out a wicking garden bed. It was my next step up from container gardening what you can do is take the runoff from that 250 gallon tank when the ran fills it an run it to a wicking garden bed ( do a search here on youtube about them ) . That will get rid of all the valves you have in that system.? I am sold on mine. I love my self watering containers but wicking grow beds is my next move.

    20. stymye Says:

      it’s a great system you have,, and simple.
      ? and if you go out of town you don’t have to worry.

    21. LDSPrepper Says:

      Thank you for the recommendation. I watched several videos. It seems? like a lot could go wrong and that it is a lot of work. But as my wife said about my off-grid, self-watering system, “It’s just another way to garden.” I think what is most important is that we do garden.

    22. reebok3d Says:


      is it just me, or does the float bucket look like? mold is growing in there…??

    23. LDSPrepper Says:

      Not mold. It is algae. To prevent algae growth paint or cover the bucket so the sun light? doesn’t get in. I’m letting it grow to see how it affects the plants, if at all.

    24. sargon420 Says:

      Thats a kick butt rig right there. Very Nice? Setup.

    25. ByNatureFarms Says:

      Looking? good.

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