Off-Grid Self-Watering Container Gardening System: Container & Soil Mix

Learn how to have a “labor free” garden. No Watering, No Weeding, No Fertilizing all season long. Is it possible? It is, with my off-grid, self-watering container gardening system. After many hours of study and testing I think I have found a system that anyone can use to grow almost anything almost anywhere. We can all become farmers and grow our own food.

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    25 Responses to “Off-Grid Self-Watering Container Gardening System: Container & Soil Mix”

    1. ByNatureFarms Says:

      I? like the sock as a wick idea. I have made some homemade earthboxes, I am going to try the sock wick in the next ones I make.

    2. LDSPrepper Says:

      Outstanding. I’m going to show how you can add the earthbox to this? self watering system in a future video.

    3. SMprepnNancy Says:

      hugelkultur, is a way to grow without water or fertilizer.I? thought you might like to check it out.
      we will be testing the concept this year.

    4. LDSPrepper Says:

      I was studying up on that last year. I like the idea. I think it works great if you have a lot of area and a permanent residence. I think if you try it will work well. I’m focusing on this method for renters,? less mobile people, and those who don’t have a lot of time or space to plant. I’m hoping to help more people start growing their own food. Thank you very much for mentioning hugelkultur.

    5. stymye Says:

      I used the global buckets last year? , they did very well

    6. jwwm2 Says:

      Please tell us how you got your buckets for free.? I used to have a source for these kinds of buckets on Craigs List for $1 each, but it seems to have vanished.

    7. texture6 Says:

      similar to an Earthbox®… check out the GlobalBucket channel, by? the way you have an awesome garden 🙂

    8. LDSPrepper Says:

      I get? them free from the bakery at Kroger’s, my local grocery store. You can get them from donut shops or bakeries. Anywhere they use frosting.

    9. LDSPrepper Says:

      Awesome. I’m glad to? hear it. Thanks for sharing.

    10. LDSPrepper Says:

      Yes, there are several versions of this type of container gardening. What I found is they all take a lot of time watering. That is why I developed this entire system, especially the watering part. This is part of of the system. Make sure you watch all the videos. There will be a total of at least five videos.?

    11. foggymedia Says:

      Awesome! God bless? for sharing.

    12. LDSPrepper Says:

      That is why I am here, to share and? help others. Thanks for viewing.

    13. pamarrero Says:

      I would like to see you? do something like a preper root cellar or show how to dehidrate at home , or even a canning tutorial

    14. LDSPrepper Says:

      Thanks for asking. We don’t have root cellars here in Houston. I have already done videos? on dehydrating and canning. Please look through my videos.

    15. engelwyre Says:

      Have you by chance done any testing with polyester as a wick? According to some, cotton will break down whereas polyester will hold up over time. I’ve only tried polyester (felt strips) so far in small water bottle SIPs for plant? cuttings.

      Thanks so much for all of your videos.

    16. LDSPrepper Says:

      I tested several fabrics including? poly fabrics and burlap. They didn’t work at all. I mean zero wicking. I’m OK with cotton deteriorating. I figure I replace the dolomite and fertilizer every year. I can replace the wick too. Although I expect it to last many years.

    17. engelwyre Says:

      Thanks for the reply. I also don’t mind deteriorating,? I suppose that’s the heart of organics. Inside Urban Green introduced me to SIPs and mentioned the polyester. Ikea has very cheap dish towels that would likely make great, inexpensive wicks. I built 3 systems the ‘GlobalBuckets’ way, I’ll follow your method this weekend!

    18. adpuf01 Says:

      Do you have an email address? I have a question about soil mixture.?

    19. LDSPrepper Says:

      Please ask your question here so all can learn. If you can’t you can send me a personal message through? YouTube.

    20. thegoodgreen1 Says:

      LDS…do you have an update video on this tomato plant by chance. ? Would be nice to see the result. Thanks

    21. LDSPrepper Says:

      Did you see the update? The plants are? doing amazingly well. Actually I’m not surprised. Just very pleased.

    22. MrMekune Says:

      A question as to why you remove the fertiliser. Why take? it out? Wouldnt wasting the crystals be bad in a farming situation? Surely they still have nutrients for your plants to use? Maybe take them out and use them on less intensive plants that dont require rich soil to grow?

    23. LDSPrepper Says:

      If you use organic fertilizer you do not need to? remove it. However, chemical fertilizers build up salt deposits in the soil. That is why you need to remove it.

    24. MrMekune Says:

      Ahhhhh. Makes sense now. Any ideas how to make your own ‘miraclegro’? out of compost or anything like it?

    25. legion2k Says:

      Lazy man’s version is called Sun Shine Mix #4. It’s awesome. Only thing to watch out with peat? moss is that when it dries.. it shrinks. Coco is would work great too but you’d need to add calcium.

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