Planting A “Green” Container Garden – Save Money & Water!

Shawna Coronado from the green lifestyle blog shows you how to plant a green and conservation centered flowerpot. Shawna is a green lifestyle and garden expert and the author of a green living book called “Gardening Nude.” See more of Shawna and her tips at http

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    6 Responses to “Planting A “Green” Container Garden – Save Money & Water!”

    1. gnosticgardener Says:

      Good job Ms. Shawna. Although I? think you need to speak a little louder. I’d also like to know why plants don’t need all that much soil in pots? Why the big pots if the plants don’t need all that dirt? I reckon it’s just so we can get the effect eh?

    2. LukeWhitaker Says:

      hot? girl

    3. TheCasualGardener Says:

      LOL! I never have thought as myself as that. I’m more? interested in getting the message out. But thank you. 🙂

    4. crestinortodox4ever Says:

      @gnosticgardener hi. I think those are for plants? or flowers that the root keeps growing and growing and needs lots of space, Cactus for example or for growing carrots or radish.

    5. GreenTaiwanful Says:

      Hi Shawna

      I think if you want to be more Green you have to avoid buying commercial compost, fertiliser, plant food products because they contribute to CO2 emissions during their manufacture? and transport as well as being derived from oil at some point in their life cycle. It would be way better to make your own solid compost and liquid compost. Also, consider using used coffee grounds and tea leaves as a natural fertiliser and in your composter.
      Warm regards

    6. TheCasualGardener Says:

      @GreenTaiwanful Thanks for? the tips!

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