Planting Garlic in Containers

Dave shows you how simple it is to grow garlic in containers.

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    25 Responses to “Planting Garlic in Containers”

    1. AngelikavonDeutschla Says:

      @hyperinfinity11 speak 3 languages fluently Like I am. And on top go to a University, to study in a foreign tongue with very little English. But proceed on to excel and receive a BA in Social Work. So just be quite and think before you open your mouth. It does miracles!

    2. caviper1 Says:

      @mssrus – Same thing with black pepper

    3. teddyd30 Says:

      Your videos are too short. I need more information. Would it kill you to do another minute or two?

      But I do enjoy them and appreciate you making them. Thanks!! 🙂

    4. asinha82 Says:

      very nice good tips.

    5. 123killerbird Says:

      i have some problems finding the right containers for my gardening.
      does anyone know any website like amazon or ebay where i can deliver them.
      i live in austria and don’t think there’s anything useful around here.

    6. MsJoBanjo Says:

      Thank you! All my questions answered. Gonna go get my pots of garlic started now!!

    7. ILuvCaroline Says:

      I just use leftover bulbs from when I have purchased them in the grocery store. How much garlic does one person actually use? I am just growing 2 garlic bulbs right now. Dishes require little garlic so it is so strong so I don’t think there is a BIG need for alot of garlic in your garden.

    8. hotshot2472010 Says:

      wow, i love garlic!!! i have a couple of cloves left so i’m going to try this. can you plant it indoors also or does it have to be outside?

    9. whokilledmypetcamel Says:

      thanks for this video, now i know the perfect addition for my veggie garden 🙂

    10. MightyCarnac Says:

      What’s the pipe for in the container?

    11. lotusblossomed Says:

      I know garlic is planted in the fall, and then is ready the following spring or summer? I live in a cold place, Vermont, if I grow it in a container, will I need to put it somewhere warmish for the winter? thank you..

    12. growingwisdom Says:

      @lotusblossomed The garlic will winter over fine.

    13. growingwisdom Says:

      @MightyCarnac Water goes in the pipe.

    14. tossmeacarrot Says:

      @ILuvCaroline Two of us use 3-4 cloves daily. It’s an excellent antimicrobial to help maintain digestive health. It is very tasty when you are sauteing something to saute a clove or two of sliced or crushed garlic in the oil for a minute and then add your other veggies or your meat or shrimp, whatever. And if you add to that garlic some minced or shredded ginger root, you have a very tasty and healthy saute.

    15. walktheworld Says:

      Hi all, beginner here. Help! The video says the flowers can be used for drying? I’m drawing a blank on that.

    16. lillyho12 Says:

      I was wondering if you are supposed to stop watering garlic in July or August??

    17. growingwisdom Says:

      @lillyho12 You are correct, but its more about when the scapes have created about two loops. At this point less water is better to help the garlic set good wrappers for good storage quality. The month may vary on location and year.

    18. AClarke2007 Says:

      Two thirds of my Garlic died last winter here in the UK, it must have been -20 C.
      I`m going to keep them covered this year – if that helps?

    19. BillyBones139 Says:

      can you eat the flowers?

    20. Missmadammozart Says:

      i love your videos! ehow and expertvillage su-HUCK! i cant beleive i finaly found videos that actualy explain HOW TO GROW-… not just buy this soil, buy this plant, put the plant in the soil

    21. moore79 Says:

      Thanks for sharing. We have been planting our garlic only an inch we will try planting them deeper this time. How do you know when garlic is ready to be harvested? I once had like tiny little garlic bulbs grow from the flower? Can these be planted successfully?

    22. peanutsplace1206 Says:

      Never thought about growing garlic in containers. Great job

    23. xoxome92 Says:

      i live in malaysia, which is always hot, can i still plant the garlic?

    24. wecanstopnwo2 Says:


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