Recycle Tips for Container Gardening – Economic Crisis 2009

Sharing some useful tips on how folks can recycle items to use in gardening and container gardens.

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    4 Responses to “Recycle Tips for Container Gardening – Economic Crisis 2009”

    1. Ashleypogbalm Says:

      nice, ive got a nice veg garden, but because of where i live it almost harvest time for my? tomatoes, potatoes and corn, they will be yummy and un touched by the elites weapoisation plan, exept the chemtrails, cnt stop them,

    2. scrappylouisa Says:

      Nice video! I have a huge herd of deer in my area so I have to protect my raised bed garden from them. We got free wooden pallets and used them for fencing by roping them together around the garden. To enter the garden we untie one of the pallets on one side and swing? open. We made potato sacks out of weed guard and then surrounded them with cages of chicken wire. They sit on pallets to keep them from rotting on the bottom. We use buckets, flower pots, wooden boxes, etc. for our garden.

    3. catjr5465 Says:

      im going to try the drum or tubs out of washers and dryers? for my large veggies this year

    4. scutter4christ Says:

      That would be an excellent idea. You will already have drainage holes built in!! :o)

      That’s a really great tip that I hadn’t thought of? before, so thanks for sharing that.

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