Self-Watering Container Gardening System: Make & Take Project

Ten women got together at my house to build their own self-watering container gardening systems. We had a great time together. Each system was personalized with their own plants. The following day I visited each of their homes to make sure everything was working properly and to enjoy what they had made.

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    25 Responses to “Self-Watering Container Gardening System: Make & Take Project”

    1. LDSPrepper Says:

      I, like others here, are curious. Do you have a better design. If so please provide links. We are all? hear to learn.

    2. LDSPrepper Says:

      Yes, Larry? Hall. I really like his system too.

    3. Sheila6325 Says:

      God Bless you for your sharing so much with everyone. What a wonderful thing to see. I hope to get mine started this weekend, and seeing everyone having fun at it, makes so much of a difference. It encourages me so much. Thank you again for your beautiful service? to so many.

    4. petersonjt Says:

      Hey bud. Great project. I am having trouble finding the float valve. I’ve tried my Ewing in DFW but to no avail. I also can’t find dolomite. I tried Calloways, Home Depot, and Lowes. Any help would? be appreciated.

    5. TheNBChica Says:

      This was so much fun and gave me extra motivation to continue my prepping efforts! Once you start, you won’t want to stop! Thank? you for the time and effort you put into this class. I can’t wait to participate in another class and maybe even teach one!

    6. SilverCitySlicker500 Says:

      LDS are you Mormon? The reason? I ask is whenever I go to the Mormon cannery the women are really involved and give me advice like I see in this video; Its awesome!

    7. LDSPrepper Says:

      search google for “mini pvc float valve”. Go to a? nursery not HD or Lowes for the Agricultural Limestone or Dolomite and Perlite. We found Lowes had the best price on the peat moss.

    8. LDSPrepper Says:

      I am really glad? you enjoyed it. I sure did.

    9. LDSPrepper Says:

      Yes I am. LDS is short for Latter-day Saint, which is short for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We are often referred to as Mormon because of the Book of Mormon. I find most people of any faith or of no faith who go to the LDS cannery have a great experience. The people who work there do so on a volunteer basis and are there because they want to help, not preach. I’m glad you had a? great experience too.

    10. sugerbear520 Says:


    11. wyattoneable Says:

      Great? project!

    12. keithlmh Says:

      How does the water from the bottom of the bucket get all the way to the top plant in the top of the bucket? Is it because of evaporation? I understand the rest? of how it works; just not that one part.
      P.S. Lot’s of people give Mormons a hard time; but at least your church is actually benefiting the community by teaching preparedness and stuff.

    13. LDSPrepper Says:

      She is going to tie a sock from the top bucket to? the sock in the bottom bucket to continue the siphon effect. It is a test. We’ll let you know how it goes.

    14. keithlmh Says:

      I understand the two bucket? test. But when you only have one bucket; how does the water get from the sock at the bottom to the highest part of the bucket? I don’t know if I explained that very well. Thanks for the video.

    15. LDSPrepper Says:

      The water gets from the water bucket under the bottom bucket through the wicking effect of the cotton sock. That wicking is extended to the top bucket? by tying a sock in the top bucket onto the sock in the bottom bucket.

    16. SteveHarpster Says:

      that was? really cool.great project

    17. ByNatureFarms Says:

      You should put hole in the lids for? more plants. I like the bricks better then the duct tape.

    18. LDSPrepper Says:

      We have the maximum number of plants per? container that we felt we could put in in order to ensure strong plant health. However, I would encourage you to build this system and plant it however you like. We would love to see your videos of how it goes. We are all here to learn.

    19. RosesandAppleChips Says:

      Very cool! Do you have like a written instruction sheet & maybe templates? Might be cool to have a make & take kind of thing like that in our branch here in Iowa. 🙂 I’m sort of the un-official preparedness lady in our Relief Society. LOL! 🙂 My Mom would be so proud! ;-)?

    20. LDSPrepper Says:

      I don’t have written instructions. I do show all the steps and the? needed materials in my series. It took us about 4 hours to complete the make and take. I had my uncle helping. He was a lot of help. I would recommend having a lot of drills, a couple of wheel barrows for mixing and someone that is handy with tools to help. And some extra buckets. The biggest problem was boring out the holes and not making them too big. Have fun. Make a video.

    21. LDSPrepper Says:

      You can do it any way you want. I’m just sharing how we did it. Have fun and experiment. ?

    22. aliceaod Says:

      Do the socks? deteriorate after a while and if so, how long does it take? Would using those little “net” containers that hydroponic growers use be better for a wick system? I’m considering repurposing reusable coffee filter baskets. Those usually have some kind of metal screening so I don’t know if that would affect the plants any. Are the gray and orange containers the women used food grade plastic?

    23. LDSPrepper Says:

      I don’t know how long the socks will last. I imagine they would deteriorate after several years. I like using cloth because no soil mix come into contact with the water in the water container. Which reduces the chances of the tubing getting? clogged. You can use net cups.

    24. simplysurvival01 Says:

      so i take? it that your mormon??????

    25. LDSPrepper Says:

      Yes,? I am. That is why my channel is called LDS Prepper. LDS is short for Latter-Day Saint. Which is short for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We are often referred to as Mormon because of the Book of Mormon. We typically refer to ourselves as LDS.

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