Self-Watering Container Gardening System: Richard’s Garden

Richard has added eight containers of various sizes and shapes to his self-watering container garden, one of which is the EarthBox. He used the two EarthBoxes last year but with very little success because he couldn’t keep up with the watering because of the drought and his traveling. Now, by attaching the EarthBoxes to the self-watering system he only has to check one water reservoir and all eight of his containers will get watered. He and his wife like to travel so they could connect the float bucket to a garden hose and be gone for an extended period of time and not worry about watering, fertilizing or weeding their garden.

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    19 Responses to “Self-Watering Container Gardening System: Richard’s Garden”

    1. tukkeeprepper Says:

      Awesome? Job Richards! Good luck this season!

    2. weetreebonsai Says:

      Have you considered? doing one like LarryLHall?

    3. NWOIS666 Says:

      Looks good? Richard!!

    4. kookingkorner Says:

      i soo want? to do this i just cant get buckets.. tho i keep trying..

    5. PopPrepper Says:

      Good work Richard, That is a great community you? have there and awesome of you to share with us. Thanks-

    6. stymye Says:

      tell us what zone this is please …thanks?

    7. sugerbear520 Says:

      Nice? setup!

    8. Sheila6325 Says:

      He did a wonderful job. Sure? makes gardening easier.

    9. docatomics Says:

      …remove the plastic as the roots must breath or they shall not grow very large and will become diseased? as will the stem and then the tomatoe leaves.

    10. LDSPrepper Says:

      Zone 8B?

    11. SteveHarpster Says:

      very nice?

    12. BexarPrepper Says:

      I have to make me one of those? strawberry planter from the buckets, really cool. Blessings!

    13. imasurvivornthriver Says:

      Very nice.?

    14. stymye Says:

      excellent I? thought so but couldn’t remember ,I like the watering system !

    15. BlueCherryFae Says:

      I wanted to give a tip for this. When we covered our buckets, we didn’t? use a lid or plastic garbage bags, we reused the bags that the soil, compost, etc came in. Ours aren’t automated selfwatering like this though. Next year I plan to try the rain gutter self watering system that another youtuber showed. Thanks so much for your information. I love finding information relevant to our area (I’m from just northeast of Houston). Keep up the good work.

    16. LDSPrepper Says:

      Great idea about reusing compost bags. Richard hasn’t used up all the peat moss and perlite yet but when he does using the bags? as covers is a great idea.

    17. LDSPrepper Says:

      Great idea about reusing compost bags. Richard hasn’t used up all the peat moss and perlite yet but when he does using the bags as covers is a great? idea.

    18. Yesquiet Says:

      Your system seems good LDSPrepper……After they grow … Won’t you have to support the tomato? plants with some kind of cage or stakes .. ? … ..thanks for another nice , very informative set of videos for container garden watering

    19. LDSPrepper Says:

      Absolutely, just like my wife is supporting her tomato plants grown in her raised garden beds. The standard tomato cage will work perfectly? with the buckets.

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