Self Watering Tomato Container Gardening in the Las Vegas Desert

John from visits Jason who is growing in self watering containers in the Las Vegas Desert. Watch this video to learn how to make your own self watering containers and learn which variety of tomato grows best in the desert climate. Also learn about reflective mulch aka mylar film.

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    25 Responses to “Self Watering Tomato Container Gardening in the Las Vegas Desert”

    1. MommyReporter Says:

      Yay, thanks for doing this… I’m? in Vegas too!!

    2. telemarker77 Says:

      thanks john. you’re the best gardener on youtube. by? far!!

    3. BalconyGrow Says:

      Way to go? Jason!

    4. pabyizzy Says:

      @Zippypo wow i’m in port jervis, ny!?

    5. telemarker77 Says:


      rent a dump truck. most cities have free mulch or low cost organic compost. you need 50 t/acre +/- depending on your soil plus 5 acre a year. i would dig a pit and have the soil tested to see how deep to rip. haul the compost in and spread. then pay someone to come in and rip/condition to 24-36in midsummer. then i would rip again and spread the 5 acre? plus whatever minerals you need. pretty cost effective.

    6. kimmyjeans2 Says:

      great ideas who knew? you could grow that stuff in 100 plus temps wow

    7. bestestmama Says:

      So john…smoke? much?? lol

    8. jonathanhaslar Says:


      Yeah! He? did seem really melloooowwwww…..

    9. Zippypo Says:

      @pabyizzy I am only 45 minutes from there? over here by Wallenpaupack

    10. Zippypo Says:

      @telemarker77 I am actaully doing? that now with a small spot. Thanks for the idea

    11. halleysmommy Says:

      Jason should commit time to doing a video that shows step-by-step how to do his self-watering containers. I think pretty much everyone has that day where you just can’t get out to? water things and when you do go to your garden things are droopy and maybe even you’ve had a few casualties! lol… Looking forward to his posting a how-to. And, p.s…. John, I’ll we looking outside my door every now and then to see you standing there. Don’t you dare come without the tree collards though! 🙂

    12. spokanetrish Says:

      YES…please? ask Jason to make his own video in his self watering planters. I live in an area that has very hot wind in the summer, and would love to see how he made these.

    13. MegaShaytardfan Says:

      @spokanetrish I built some self watering containers myself, the best place I’ve? seen is GlobalBuckets her on youtube

    14. MegaShaytardfan Says:

      @praterclp I built some self watering containers myself, the? best place I’ve seen is GlobalBuckets here on youtube

    15. yeseniacordell Says:

      I would love to know what site he? bought the Mylar roll from. Thanks.

    16. mreastky Says:

      John looks? blowed away in the end of this video. Lmao

    17. Ducksbyday Says:

      Grow? your tomatoes without the trellis in “heaps” this will keep the ground cooler by providing extra shade, and will also shield your tomatoes from the sun. Great video, glad to see something away from the springs preserve.

    18. MrandMissConverted Says:

      Which plants are better suited to self watering? planters?

    19. dashore Says:

      Great job? Jason.

    20. Oasix21 Says:

      I live in the? Rgv and it is super hot all year round, so what type of tomatoes do I grow and when?

    21. julzbo Says:

      Another great vid! Love? the mylar tip!

    22. DesertDood Says:

      heat tolerant tomato varieties …. Hawaiian Tropic …. noted. ? Thanks!

    23. VivaLasVeggies Says:

      Yellow Mellow 😉 Jason? has a very nice garden!

    24. VivaLasVeggies Says:

      hey call mellow yellow 😉 Lol Jason ROCK!?

    25. VivaLasVeggies Says:

      They? call me mellow yellow! 😉 Lol Jason Rocks!

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