Tania’s Container Garden – Summer 2010/2011.MP4

This is my 2nd year growing a garden and everything I know about gardening I learned from you lot on You Tube so thanks for sharing all your vids and your tips and your advise, Here’s what my garden looks like so far, January 5th 2011, Just hitting one month into the New Zealand Summer. My goal is to eventually be self sustainable for all our salad needs for a family of 4.

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    10 Responses to “Tania’s Container Garden – Summer 2010/2011.MP4”

    1. missbluerain Says:

      Update: Just a couple days after making this? video, my capsicum/bell pepper seeds sprouted. I now have 5 seedlings and counting.

    2. jihadacadien Says:

      Nice!? the plants looks good!

    3. wwnkb Says:

      I like your ‘green house’.? What a great idea!

    4. mrbr549 Says:

      Nice container plantings! Hope your garden is doing well. Here? in the Midwestern USA, I’m just getting ready to put out some very early lettuce. Thanks for making the video and sharing your “garden” with us all.

    5. madmiask Says:

      Very good for a? young gardener…

    6. powerspliff Says:

      This is so cool!, i like ur greenhouse. I concider make 1 of those myself after seeing this.
      This wierd thing happend to me last year, i got hookd on planting all kinds of seeds, tomato, herbs, vegetables, Evrything. The entire livingroom was full of small cointainerpots. My mom wasnt too happy about it. This year i made my own raised beds outside and? spent 400dollars on seeds and planks and Dirt/compost. This year im growing everything outside in my raised beds. Its so fun! I learned all i kno

    7. powerspliff Says:

      know also from? watching youtube and “how to grow, (this and that) from seed” 🙂

    8. missbluerain Says:

      @powerspliff Haha yeah it can get addictive once you start. Its only 2 weeks till winter here now but I’m already? looking forward to spring to start some seeds.

    9. missbluerain Says:

      @mrbr549 We’re 2 weeks from winter here now but the spring Onions, capsicum and my white strawberries are still going strong. I should do an update soon.?

    10. onyisraw2009 Says:

      For the lettuce in the pots, you could’ve gotten 2 rows of 8 atleast.?

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