Vegetable Container Gardening in Growbags on a Commercial Farm

John from visits swank farm to see what they are growing in growbags – which are basically a “container” to hold soil and grow vegetables in a commercial operation. You can grow at home in containers too!

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    22 Responses to “Vegetable Container Gardening in Growbags on a Commercial Farm”

    1. mengseeker Says:

      You are always for informative. Thank? you!

    2. dianemummvideos Says:

      Wow, those gro bags are doing great, I am amazed , don’t see that around our area, but would love to try it just for personal use and even in 5gal pots looks? great too.. so are they growing for supermarkets? that is a lot of food. thanks for the video John

    3. StephieMcCarthy Says:

      beautiful! I love? this episode!

    4. JarheadPatriot0311 Says:

      Can? these growbags be purchased at any gardening store?

    5. OneCreativeOrigin Says:

      @JarheadPatriot0311 Essentially yes…hydroponic stores have them in? stock as well as online.

    6. halleysmommy Says:

      Swank indeed!!! And what a great video, arriving at the very moment I have? been plotting my own growbag plans for next spring… maybe reusing something readily available though, I think. Was even thinking if I bagged up my fall leaves in heavy duty plastic bags, by spring they will have mulched/shrunk enough to add some soil, mix, and plant. Hmm… may possibly work.

    7. seekerofAdventure Says:

      thanks John keep? it up your vids are enjoyable and give me lots of ideas

    8. jamesdt02 Says:

      john, how many times? did you say grow bags in this vid? lol.

    9. JarheadPatriot0311 Says:

      @OneCreativeOrigin Thank you friend?

    10. stangg79 Says:

      Grow bags grow bags grow bags.. lol :)?

    11. 1984IcameandIstayed Says:

      @jamesdt02 I’ll be dreaming gro bags tonight.?

    12. mysciencenow Says:

      man they are very? well going there

    13. crewlla Says:

      I find it so? funny that in some places in the world they have to use shade houses like I have to use a green house. My daughter comented, how are you going to watch gardening videos when its winter here. I had to explain to her that some places grow year round. (I had to reminde her)

    14. NeverSCARED94 Says:

      i love? your videos
      dont stop making videos !
      you are awesom

    15. TheUrbanOutdoors Says:

      how many times does he? say “grow bags” in this video? hahaha

    16. futureisourpast Says:

      hahahaah what did they use? hahah?

    17. boxa888 Says:

      @halleysmommy nice? idea! i was thinking of the heavy duty bags too, and ur idea with the leaves is brilliant! also check out compost tea add that to the hydro system and increase teh plants tenfold, just utube compost tea! its amazing,

    18. domezochy1 Says:

      You really got great advice. I have a few questions… is this system prone to pest attack and if it? is how do you get rid. Another question can you reuse the grow bags?

    19. misskisskadee Says:

      jon? what kind of garbage bag thet are using & what size it is ?

    20. nitr0burn Says:

      growbags, growbags. growbag! growbag? bag grow bag growing grow. grow. bag.

    21. OliviaBreadhouse Says:

      This is very inspiring for those of us who do not have an actual garden plot, but just a patio or balcony. Containers are a good option, and these grow bags? hold a lot of potting soil or compost. Thanks!

    22. MakeAnImpact861 Says:

      i should take a shot every time he says “growbags” lol.this guy drove me nuts the whole video but it was very awesome and? gave me lots off good ideas for spring and summer gardening

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