Which Is Best, Garden Clogs Or Garden Boots?

Unless you live in Hollywood, you won’t find anyone working in the garden wearing his or her Prada high heels. When working in the garden it is important to wear proper attire, including sturdy boots or clogs. While wearing your old pair of shoes works, your feet are not getting the support they need. Garden clogs and boots are built to withstand the muddiest – and dirtiest – of occasions. Whether you are digging a new hole, transplanting a bush, or pruning the leaves, clogs and boots are for you. The hard part is deciding on whether to purchase clogs or boots.

Typically, garden clogs are better suited for those who will be working with primarily dry terrain. Muddy circumstances are better suited for garden boots because of their solid build and durability. Garden clogs are great for working in the garden in the summer and dry months. The clogs come in a variety of styles, including strapless, strapped, and ventilated. Strapless clogs are great for doing light gardening, but can easily come off during everyday gardening activities. Strapped clogs provide a moderate amount of stability while ensuring that your clogs will stay on – nothing is worse than losing a shoe when you’re planting trees. Ventilated garden clogs are ideal for those in warmer parts of the world. Using ventilated clogs in the winter wouldn’t be nice for your chilly feet. They provide reasonable support while ensuring your feet can breathe, which helps avoid sweaty feet.

If your idea of gardening involves being covered in mud, working in muddy waters, or other crazy rigorous activities, garden boots are for you. In general, boots offer several shields of protection, ensuring your feet will be protected when you use a jackhammer, run the backhoe, or operate a rototiller. Gardening boots are almost a no-brainer if you will be operating any type of machinery. Your feet are the most susceptible to injury. Garden boots are the best solution for people who have preexisting podiatry conditions or require a great deal of ankle support. Additionally, garden boots stand the test of time, assuming your feet don’t grow or shrink. A good pair of boots can last up to five years, whereas garden clogs can only withstand so many “incidents.”

In summation, garden clogs are ideal for light gardening activities where you do not use heavy equipment or machinery, are not working in muddy conditions, and require little to no foot/ankle support. Garden boots are the best solution for those who do much more than gardening and aren’t afraid to get dirty head to toe. True gardeners aren’t afraid to get down and dirty – with the vegetables and roses! 😉

Garden Clogs

Garden Clogs

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