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If you love birds, and you want them to congregate in your garden so that you can watch them, you probably already know that adding a bird feeder or two to your garden is a good way to attract birds. However, did you know that adding a garden bird bath will also help attract birds to your garden, so that you can watch them frolic and play with each other?

A garden bird bath also provides a water source for your garden, whereby the soothing, trickling sounds of water can add to the ambience and atmosphere there. Many, many different species of wild birds will be attracted there, and in fact they won’t be able to resist a garden bird bath. This is especially true if it’s a hot summer and they need some refreshment and cooling down.

What should you look for it when you buy your garden bird bath?

There are some things you should look for when you buy a garden bird bath. For one, most garden bird baths are electrical in nature, such that you’ll need to “plug them in.” If you don’t want to go for a plug-in model, solar powered bird baths are in excellent choice.

How deep should your bird bath be?

Birds prefer relatively shallow water. For best results, optimal depth should be about 3 inches. If you do find a slightly deeper design that you would rather have, you can put some smooth pebbles in the bottom of the birdbath (just make sure the birds can easily use the birdbath) to make it the optimal depth of about 3 inches.

What texture should the bird bath have?

Stone bird baths are a great choice because not only do they look natural and therefore very “in place” in your garden, but they also have a little bit of a rough surface, and birds like this because it’s easier for them to hang onto the edges.

Choose a bird bath that fits your garden’s design and size

An overly large, ornate bird bath is likely not going to sit well if your garden is small and “neat.” Similarly, if you have a particularly large garden, a petite bird bath is going to get swallowed up in it — unless you would prefer to “sprinkle” several small bird baths throughout your garden for birds to use. Again, anything in a natural material, such as stone, is going to fit well in most gardens.

Situating your birdbath

Make sure the bird bath goes into place in your garden where birds will feel safe and comfortable, free from predators, etc. You want them to be able to relax and enjoy their baths, so that you can watch them and enjoy them too. (In other words, don’t put the bird bath in plain sight of Fluffy’s or Fido’s favorite observational perch. While the antics between kitty/dog and birds may be funny, you’re certain to scare your birds away, so that they won’t want to come back!)

Finally, once you have the right bird bath installed, and once you know it’s working properly, make sure you clean it at least once a week. In fact, during the summer, it’s wise to clean it every day. Mold and algae aren’t helpful and certainly will drive birds away — but those same birds will think yours is the “hopping spot” in the neighborhood if you do keep it clean.

So provide your feathered friends a safe and healthy place to congregate and perform their ablutions — and give yourself hours of enjoyment at the same time — with a garden bird bath! 😉

Enjoying A Bird Bath

Enjoying A Bird Bath

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