Can't live with parents anymore but there are more important matters at hand?

So ever since I can remember I’ve wanted to move out. I currently have a full scholarship at a top 50 university and I am trying to get into med school (biochem major). I work 20 hours a week in a pharmacy and average 0 a month. I am saving up for a summer class worth 00. I commute using my fathers car. With my left over scholarship money I pay my insurance (00) and break even. My mom doesn’t clean the house. I’ve never seen her with a broom in her hand let alone a vacume cleaner. My father retired and all he does is garden. It seems we have more decor than stuff getting done around here. I do it ALL including pipes, drains, laundry, dishes. My mom is a realtor and she never works, she always drops her clients. They are under-appreciative of me and when I get angry she wants to send me to a psychiatrist. My dad won’t let me take a year off between college and medschool. I think this is my best chance of getting in because the GPA goes up senior year. My boyfriend is on my side about everything (duh). My parents are really in my way. They always need me to do more and more and more but my plate is full. Plus my mom is very needy emotionally. She always wants to talk to me but I can’t I have HW or I just want to sleep and she spends money like crazy. It is like the roles of mother and daughter are switched. I am too young to be doing this. I really need an out. What I am asking from the readers is what order to do everything in and HOW.

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