feng shui- Color, decor and elements should I use for my home office located @ the south corner of the house?

Yeah basically want to know what are the most auspicious colors and elements as well as decorations, I should use for my home office located at the south corner of my house, the office is a room located in a garden-level basement with nothing other than a door & 2 windows. Thanks.

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3 Responses to “feng shui- Color, decor and elements should I use for my home office located @ the south corner of the house?”

  1. littletbird63 Says:

    For the South or Li area of your homes you can use the Primary Colors (Enhancing)Fire colors- red, burgundy, maroon, orange, purple. Although one accent wall of such a yang color would be enough. You have to be careful with red if you have the negative 5 flying star in the south. The flying star system is a deeper level of FS and gives you info on your house based on its birthday and facing direction. The other group of colors is the Secondary Colors (Nourishing) In other words wood nourishes fire and helps it grow. Wood colors are Green, Olive, Light Green, Hunter Green, Chartreuse, Teal
    Shapes and Patterns are triangular, conical, and pyramidal ,zig zag and star
    Avoid ocean scenes and too much blue. Wood would be best for office furniture.
    EnhancementsRED signage or logo for a business that you work for. Tall, healthy plants.
    Objects of recognition such as diplomas, endorsements, university credentials, certificates of appreciation from work, the community or family.
    Personal Associations /Symbols/ ArtAwards, diplomas, trophies, prizes/ people, fire, sunshine, sunflowers, fireworks, famous people you admire, picture of yourself in red.
    Auspicious paintings of birds, with strong red coloring such as the phoenix, roosters, or flamingoes. These are just some ways to interpret the Li trigram which is the south.
    Good luck with your new home office.

  2. fairmesm Says:

    You need to start with the front door, and look at a bagua map. From what I learned, it is to really work in something that feels right for you. Being clutter free, organized, and able to move freely throughout your room is more important than specific colors. Feng shui is more of an art than an exact science.

  3. giles d Says:

    Huge question to answer, but here’s some general tips:

    – Activate the prosperity sector in the South East by using water features such as fountains or fish tanks with eight colourful fish inside (plus one dark one to represent the balancing Yin).
    – Activate the fame sector in the South especially if your business depends on public recognition, by installing red furnishings or other representations of “fire”.
    – Activate the networking sector in the North West of your business with Metal – filing cabinets and perhaps electronic equipment. You could also use large crystals.
    – You could also activate the career sector in the North area of an office. However, this would activate and promote the careers of all members of staff in the office. If you want to activate this feature, place a water feature in this sector.

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