Adding Garden Birdhouses

Placing birdhouses in your backyard garden is a great way to attract birds. You just need to know what kind of birdhouse will attract the birds you want. Some of them are great for the small birds while others are better for the bigger birds. Once you decide which kind you want in your garden, then either purchase or build one.

That is right you can build your own. Just have to get the right plans to cut the wood from. It is important to realize here that you need to choose the right wood for the job. Do not use pressure treated wood because of the chemicals that it has in it. Use something like cedar, which stands up to the weather.

There are some similarities between all birdhouses, regardless of which bird you are building for. The roof needs to slant enough to allow any rainwater to run off. A drain hole should also be placed in the bottom to allow the water to run out if it does get inside.

Make sure the house is well ventilated by placing some small holes up around the top. It could get too hot for the birds otherwise. You want the birds to nest happily in the houses not fry!

It is also best to make the birdhouses in a way that they can be taken apart and cleaned. You can simply do this by using galvanized-metal hinges to attach the sides and other pieces. Galvanized metal will not rust or deteriorate like other metals do in the weather.

Be sure not to build any perches for the house. Birds do not need them to access the house, and they only provide convenient handholds for predators. Now let’s talk about the size of the holes.

No matter what size bird you are attracting, the hole should be just big enough for that bird to go in it. It should not be a lot bigger than the bird needs, because it could let predators into the birdhouse you have made. This is where your research comes in, as far as knowing which bird you are building for.

Do not place the houses too close to each other. You need to allow the birds about one-fourth acre of land in between each birdhouse. Feeders can be scattered in between the houses though. Maybe place a birdbath here and there too. This will make your garden a complete haven for birds.

To your delight, you can watch birds lay their eggs in the house you built for them. You can also see them flutter about the garden and yard between the birdbaths and feeders. Just sit down and relax to see how many bird species you can view!

This will increase your enjoyment of the wonderful feathered friends that live in your area. Year after year the birds will return to the birdhouses to raise their families. As long as you maintain the houses the birds will come. 😉

Garden Birdhouse

Garden Birdhouse

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