How Do I Choose a Garden Gazebo?

There is something so romantic about gazebos.  They are nostalgic and beautiful.  It makes sense that many people choose to add this gardening gift to their backyard.  They have been around for decades, and due to their longevity there is a great variety in the type of structures that are available to consumers.  Though gazebos used to be something that only the rich could afford, they are becoming more and more affordable so that the average joe can actually afford them.

The first thing that you need to think about is what your price range is.  Creating a budget is definitely important because gazebos range substantially in price.  In fact, this may help you to determine whether you are going to build your own gazebo, buy a pre made structure, or have a custom gazebo built for you.  All of these options cost different amounts, and your budget can dictate which one you want to go with.  No matter what, you should expect to spend at least a few hundred dollars.  The most inexpensive gazebos tent to cost a few hundred dollars while more customized structures can cost upwards of a couple thousand dollars.  Be sure that when you are creating your budget you leave a bit of a cushion for those unforeseen complications.

The next thing that you need to do is to decide where you are going to put your gazebo.  You should take into account the surrounding area of your build site.  You are going to want to think about how this gardening gift would look next to trees, pools, or other structures.  Additionally, you may want to spend some time thinking about what your potential gazebo view is going to be.  The last thing that you want to do is to put in your dream gazebo only to find that when you are sitting in it you are facing your neighbors bathroom window.  When possible, gazebos are best enjoyed when set against a beautiful view.  You may also want to take note of how level the ground is at your build site.  No one wants to sit at a slant, and it can cost a fair amount of money to level the ground.  All of this is important to think about before you start to break ground and spend money.

Lastly, but most importantly you can think about different styled gazebos.  You want to make sure that you get exactly what you want so do not be afraid to shop around.  There are many different sizes out there so you should look at how big your space is, how big you want your structure to be, and how many people you hope to fit into your gazebo.  Additionally, you will also want to think about what color you want for your gazebos exterior.  You could go with a natural brown paint, but you are not limited to that.  Gazebos can be customized, and white and black are other common colors, but if you want something really bold you could choose a bright color.  Additionally, you will want to give some thought as to what shaped gazebo you desire as well as to what other building materials you want it made out of. 😉

Garden Gazebo

Garden Gazebo

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