Add Character With Garden Ornaments

In century’s passed gardens were a way of life. Families grew a vegetable garden to get them through the rough winters. Food was grown and preserved so that families could eat during the winter. Occasionally, a flower garden was grown nearby by to bring color and life into an otherwise drab and dreary existence. In those days money was scarce and everything had a purpose. The thought of spending money on garden ornaments was unheard of.

Today, garden ornaments are a given. Recognized as an extension of the contemporary family personality, they can be seen in every size, shape and color. Large or small, made to complement every conceivable theme, they give gardens that little wow factor that turns the beautiful garden into a quiet, peaceful paradise. The careful placement of a single garden ornament can bring life into that small, neglected section of the backyard. Perhaps you just need a little something to bring attention to those bushes already placed with purpose in just the right place.

As an extension of the home, contemporary gardens are used to increase extra living space. For those who enjoy entertaining, the backyard space needs to be just as inviting as the interior of the home. Warm summer evenings bring out the desire for Bar-B Que with friends. As preparations are made for the menu, tableware and theme for the party, a quick look around the yard may cause you to notice a bare spot in need of excitement. These types of events not only call for yard furniture but they also need a few conversation pieces that are pleasing to the eye and bring out the hidden nature in your personality. This may be something as simple as a single yard ornament. A fawn laying quietly under a bush, chimes tinkling from a tree or an elegant water fountain standing stately in the center of the garden may be the statement you want to make. Just as the interior of your house says “this is me”, so should the spaces in your “home outside your home’.

Backyard gardens instill the idea of a peaceful awakening for your inner being. For some this means a quite sitting place under a rose arbor. For others it may be little walking stones that take your through paths of subtle wonder. Garden ornaments can enhance these places of the heart. From the whimsey of gnomes and water sprites hiding under the ferns to small rabbits or ducks chasing each other along garden trails, the garden environment is up to you. Perhaps you prefer fairies and children running through the flowers or frogs and sea creatures along the path to the koi pool, the sky’s the limit for what type of outdoor environment you may want to create.

The playful use of garden ornaments can be used to recognize any season of the year. As the snow mounds up around the little creations in your garden, they will come “alive” when they are given that seasonal touch. When winter turns to spring, don’t forget to check on your little outside critters. Clean them off and place them in a new area of the garden so they won’t get bored with their surroundings. 😉

Garden Ornament

Garden Ornament

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