Gifts for 80 yo Grandma?

Ok, so my Grandmother is in her early 80s and I drew her name for Secret Santa 🙂 We don’t have a price limit yet but I am not wanting to go too high. As cheap as possible would be great since we’re trying to keep the gifts about the same throughout the family (somebody getting diamond earrings compared to somebody getting a gift card is what we are trying to avoid) we are all very appreciative, but trying to be smart!

I don’t know what to get her for Christmas though, I am not in state with the rest of my family so I can’t offer my time or services. She has been given plenty of windchimes, personalized things, family focused items, blankets, sweaters, garden decor, mugs, homemade items… All of the things that people usually associate Grandmothers to love. And she loves them all, I just want to get her something different.

Are there any electronics that are easy to operate or gadgets she could use? She comes with old age so she doesn’t have the greatest eyesight and has arthritis as well as tremors (her hands shake when she’s using them) ?? The only idea I have had is maybe a digital picture frame but I don’t know that I want to get it for her just yet. ANY IDEAS?!?!
She’s got 6 grandchildren, obviously, she’s my GRANDMA. & 8 great grandchildren with myself giving her #9 sometime next month. 🙂

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6 Responses to “Gifts for 80 yo Grandma?”

  1. sely3457 Says:

    How about something like a mini massager? There is also a nice book called "the story of a lifetime" that is perfect for people her age. It’s like half book-half journal that asks question about her childhood, teen years, marriage and so on and she can fill it out. You are saying that her hands shake so maybe it will be difficult for her to do it but somebody can help her. It can bring back nice memories for her.

  2. Pedobear Says:


  3. slykitty Says:

    I was going to say your time. But see you don’t live near her. Working for an 87 y/o elderly who has everything time is most important. Whether it be to stop in for a visit, a phone call now and again to see how she’s doing etc. Another idea I think that would be great is contacting a meals on wheels program and setting her up for a week, month whichever to have a nice hot meal delivered to her door so she doesn’t have to cook or do any clean up. Also not only with the elderly but my own mother had arthritis and had such a hard time opening jars maybe look into a hands free jar opener. There are plenty on the market to choose from like the Black and Decker lids off automatic jar opener.

  4. Rhysjc Says:

    You could make her a necklace.

  5. Spooky1 Says:

    CD of her favourite music, DVD of her favourite film, magazine subscription for a month, spa foot treatment voucher, haircut/style voucher (even if with her regular stylist), something personal and useful.

  6. Child 6XX Says:

    You can make her a dvd of your baby’s 1st year of life for next xmas and send it to her. =) For this year you can make her some homeade cookies or something, Get her knitting supplies, or something for a sewing machine. Get her an album she can make, or a journal. Tell her she can write about her past childhood and things like that. Then one day you can do that for your grandkids and they can have something to think of you and stuff. You could also get her painting stuff or baking supplies too.

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