Has anyone noticed how dollar stores sell pagan new age spiritual items?

Like Dream Catchers, candles, scented candles, candle holders for alters, incense sticks, potpourri, incense cones, reeds, semi-precious stones, celestial home decor, celestial outdoor garden decor, chimes, ceramic garden gnomes, elves, fairies, seashells, pentagrams, skull heads & skeleton bones jewelry, birth stones, theatrical masks, tribal masks, wooden boxes ( Pandora style 😀 ) and intricately style notebooks to write down your thoughts.

Is there a particular reason why dollar stores choose to sell these types of items?

Would you ever buy a Dream Catcher from a dollar store?

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    6 Responses to “Has anyone noticed how dollar stores sell pagan new age spiritual items?”

    1. Mishomi Says:

      nothin wrong with dream catchers and pentagrams 🙂

    2. LaneCommaJane Says:

      You describe those items as new age/spiritual, I would describe them as tacky. The dollar store always sells tacky things, you get what you pay for.

    3. Pandora Says:

      No I hadn’t noticed nor have I thought of all of those things as strictly a new age thing. I also see a lot of religious stuff there. Even a bible or two. The stuff sells that is why they sell it. Yes I would buy a dream catcher from the dollar store. If the stuff bothers you don’t shop there. that is the joy of a free society you can shop where ever you want. If you don’t like what you find at one store you can go to another.

    4. MasmaloKLPKTP Says:

      Nothing wrong The Christian store shops have been selling those items since I can remember. Also the Christians has borrowed lots of so called Pagan traditions and incorporated them and now claim they own the whole thing. It is business as usual man It is all business money money money.

    5. besley stoessel Says:

      Well Try this link 🙂 http://shopittome.info/tribal-mask

    6. hamelton leverson Says:

      I found this.http://ecdeal.info/49873/candles-holders
      Gooooood luck (:

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