I have old leftover metal Tomato Cages… Any craft suggestions?

I am not interested in dolls or scarecrows, or any seasonal crafts like angels or santas.
I’m more interested in turning the tomato cage into something else for outside garden decor or something useful….. any interesting suggestions?? (helpful instructions would be appreciated too!)
I loooove to garden, so maybe someone can give me input on how to use the tomato cage in my garden, for something other than what it was intended for? All friendly and creative thinkers welcome!!!! :^)

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3 Responses to “I have old leftover metal Tomato Cages… Any craft suggestions?”

  1. Deborah Says:

    If you used heavy enough cages and placed them properly in the ground, they could be the base of a little table.

  2. Bill B Says:

    Pitch them and get a job

  3. saaanen Says:

    Topiaries, trellises for small vines or veggies.

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