Is it possible to be a woman in a relationship and not contribute to a household in a divorce?

It almost appears that the law is written in a sense that allows all woman to be contributors to households even if they pay no bills IE mortgage, utilities, child raising.

How is it possible for a woman going through a divorce to be deemed worthless, providing nothing to the household, is this an impossible feat as it appears on it’s face?

I’ve read cases where woman who’ve helped manage a garden, pick the wall paper, regardless of who pays for the materials, bills, mortgage, these are identifiers used to actually assist women in proving their worth in divided a house/assets?

So again I ask, is it possible for a woman to live in a house, in a relationship, and contribute nothing to the house? It almost appears as if the law is written to ensure every woman is a contributor regardless of financial factors, do you agree? So I as a male will pay the mortgage,utilities, food ETC and the woman will pick the wall paper and help with the decor (elements that come natural with being a women) and this is equated into being a contributor of the household the courts hold, even if no children?
It’s kind of like writing a law applying to a man stating you’re a contributor if you drink, burp, and fart elements synonomous with being a man?

They list elements synonomous with being a women and use them as contributory factors to screw a man in asset division?
It’s almost as if the concept of a man paying for everything is an unrecognizable concept in our courts now a days.

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    One Response to “Is it possible to be a woman in a relationship and not contribute to a household in a divorce?”

    1. AHHHH!!! Says:

      If you pay all the bills and come home and take care of the house(cooking cleaning) plus there are no children, I don’t see how she can be considered as contributing.

      The law was written that way to protect traditional wives, the ones that do not have jobs but take care at home(cleaning cooking washing taking care of children) that is considered a great contribution to a family. It is just as important as paying bills. If someone else did it for you, you would have to pay them.

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