Mother's Day Gift Ideas (read below)?

Mother’s day is not till next month, but time flies by so quickly, and I would really want to get an early start because my mother is extremely hard to shop for. I would like to give something PRACTICAL to her….the keyword is practical….something she can use.

Please exclude the following: candles, perfume, lotion, blankets, mattresses, poems, songs, photos, collages, spa day or going out, shoes, clothes, jewelry, hair stuff, garden decor, window stuff, anything that has to do with the house or decorations, blenders, kitchen stuff, entertainment (cds and dvds), food, purses, watches, gift certificates or gift cards, money, electronics, blowdryer, sunglasses, gift baskets, keychains, anything to do with car kits because she does not have a car and I can’t afford to buy her one and plus she does not know how to drive and no I do not want to buy a lesson to learn how to drive, picture frames, sewing kits, baskts, anything home-made, etc.

Told you it was hard!

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4 Responses to “Mother's Day Gift Ideas (read below)?”

  1. Stal Says:

    I’ll have to suggest

    They turn any image, including your favorite photograph into an amazing and affordable hand made painting.

    Maybe one of her? Or one of her and you?

    What I liked of them is that they at reeeeaally good at capturing the physical likeness. Not to mention very, very affordable. I was very impressed with the results.

    In addition to portrait paintings they also do paintings of pets, landscapes and anything that means something to you (like your first car, favorite vacation spot, etc).

    They’re the nicest people… because I was late with my friend’s gift, they even hand made a custom card to notify her that a special gift was coming her way. I highly recommend them.

    Best wishes!!

  2. Through These Hazel Eyes Says:

    Woah. Try a…a…a…well I don’t know!!!!!!!! Sorry.

  3. Elegance L Says:

    Offer her a day free from household chores!

    So you ask her to go out and have fun out there, either shopping or having breakfast & lunch with her friends. Hanging out there like what you usually did with your gang…

    Then, you start the cleaning, housekeeping chores plus prepare a good dinner for her.

    I think that would make her really glad!

    (Mom is on leave on Mother’s day, finally!)


  4. Sam Patrick Says:

    Mother’s day is a day to honor mothers. The best thing to gift a mother is the love and the feelings that you care for her, for that you wont have to give her any practical gifts. Just make her feel special. Decorate her room with flowers before she wakes up on that morning. Give her a kiss and bring her breakfast cooked by you, bake a cake for her, give her cards, gift her a dinner cooked by you.

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