Nature/Botanical Garden Bedroom?

I love nature and everything in it. I’m having a hard time deciding on a bedroom theme, since nature is a little hard to do – since there’s so many styles of nature. The hardest thing I’m finding is how "styleized" nature things for decor are.. which makes it hard since you end up only being able to buy stuff from the same manufacterer of that same style. For example.. if you have a bedset with maybe some leaves on it, then you need pillows that have the same leaves, and it’s hard to find wall art with those SAME leaves in that SAME style. So you can see my frustration.

Well, I’m determined to break this style barrier and keep at it. But an idea occured to me! Maybe like.. a botanical gardens bedroom? Have some nice fake flowers or something, maybe in a glass case like their "rare" or whatever you want to think. Hm… I think this idea could TOTALLY work for my room but I need more ideas. 🙁

Colors would be.. sage-ish green for the main green and other greens for little accenty colors since nature isn’t just one color. And chocolate brown for the wood and things. My room is an okay size, so that’s not a problem.

-More than furniture and things, I want decor ideas, bed set ideas, things like that. Decorating the room! Help formulate this idea with me!
I also want to still incorperate the nature theme. I love little deer and fawns, so I plan on displaying some of my stuffed animals on shelves and things, subtitle. I want maybe some bamboo and a little fountain – but I don’t want to go into the whole "Zen" bedroom TOO much. I don’t want an Asian themed bedroom(had one of those for about 8 years now). More with flowers and plants, with a little animal action. ^_^ Thanks for ideas in advance!

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2 Responses to “Nature/Botanical Garden Bedroom?”

  1. Sachin Patil Says:

    Its really nice idea to have a nature garden bedroom.
    You will have to go to some stores to buy artificial flowers and things.

    Along with these, one beautiful thing you can do is to decorate your walls with nice nature themes. That will add a really great look to your walls.

    Currently I am using wall decals to decorate my walls. You can go to where you can find plenty of nature themed wall decals.

  2. Elizabeth Fenworth Says:

    Botanical prints or photography are nice. Try this site: We also have lots of patterns with a floral or nature theme. Keep your colors in the same field and you will living in a nature palace!

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