new business, need slogan. can you help?

My business name is Nature’s Gift and Decor. if you come up with the perfect slogan i’ll make it worth it your while. after all, i’ll make money off of it. i keep to a nature theme and most of my products are home and garden decor. be creative and try to include the word nature if you can, but you dont have to. you got time so come back and answer later if you cant think right now, or if you get another idea edit your answer and add it . multiple suggestions are accepted.

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10 Responses to “new business, need slogan. can you help?”

  1. jimminycricket Says:

    I love the concept of your store. Here are some idea’s for you.

    Mother Natures pantry provides food for the soul.
    A little piece of nature for a little piece of mind.
    Nature is Gods most beautiful masterpiece.
    The beautiness of nature…. brings peacefulness of heart.
    Nature unites the heart and hearth.
    Nature…close to your heart…close to your home.
    As nature grows…so does your heart.
    Nature…Gods key to your soul.
    Nature….Medicine for your soul.
    Nature is the key…that unlocks your soul.
    Nature….The gift basket of earth.
    Nature ….Creates harmony of heart and soul.
    Mother Earth …nurturing for your heart and soul.
    Natures gift basket from Mother Earth.
    Reflections of nature creates peaceful memories.
    Nature is all of that , between the heavens and the earth.
    Be kind to nature…and she will be kind to you.
    Nature…a gift from Mother Earth.
    A gift of nature is.. a gift from God.
    Surround yourself with nature for peacefulness of heart.
    Give a gift of love from Mother Nature.
    Nature renews itself…and renews your soul.
    Love the earth…a message from Mother Nature.
    Let Mother nature come to you…the gift that lasts.
    Gifts for the love of earth.
    Nature is a gift from the heavens and the Earth.
    A gift of nature warms the heart and soul.
    Nourish your soul with a gift from nature.
    Gifts of nature for your heart and home.
    Colour your world with a gift from nature.
    Create a beautiful picture. Nature is the paint ..the canvas is your home.
    For the love of nature…inside and out.
    A gift of nature, a reflection of your soul.
    A gift from nature…to sooth your soul.
    All things good and beautiful…a gift from Mother Nature.

    Hope some of these suggestions might trigger some ideas for you. Good luck with your business.

  2. michaelyoung_airforce Says:

    Natural beauty–Inside and Out!

  3. smrtprts_07 Says:

    dont eat the yellow snow

  4. lupe J Says:

    Bringing Natures outside.. inside.

  5. the prof Says:

    ”Spot mother nature in our store and win $50!”
    ”Gifts approved by mother nature herself”
    ”Products for planet earth”
    ”Nature’s treasures and other good things for peaceful living”

  6. classe300 Says:

    You need a better name. Google "Nature’s Gift".

    Take a survey: Hand people a card that says "Nature’s Gift and Decor". Ask then what they would expect to find there…

    Will you be a local/regional biz or do you hope to sell on the ‘net?

  7. JTB Says:

    Nature’s Gift and Decor, you want it , we have it.

  8. robert495713 Says:

    Nature’s Gift and Decor – Mother Nature Shops Here!

  9. Chandra Shekhar P Says:

    Nature’s Gift and Decor – Home ideas, Au naturale.

  10. TradeMark Express Says:

    The branding of your business could be one of the most important decisions you will make. A slogan’s originality and legal availability will create a real asset value of its own, as it becomes marketed and gains market acceptance.

    The slogan you choose will become the focal point of all the benefits and features that relate to your business. Customers will be able to find and refer others to it in the future.

    Since any slogans that are suggested here may already be owned by another party, I wanted to go a different route…

    I suggest either hiring a name creation firm or get together with your friends and/or family and throw a "name party" & have everyone bounce some ideas around. Compile a listing of slogans that you like the best. Once you have that list, do as much free research as you can before you delve into comprehensive research.

    I listed some links where you can do some preliminary checking. However, please be aware that this is merely scratching the surface of what’s out there.

    Only comprehensive research will tell you if the slogan is truly available. But, these links are free & a great place to start, so I’d try them out first.

    Comprehensive research consists of looking at marks that are similar in Sound, Appearance or Meaning in the pending & registered Federal AND State trademark files as well as the US National Common-Law files.

    There are other sites that offer free searching capabilities in conjunction with their commercial services, so I’m not able to post those links due to the Yahoo! TOS. You’ll also want to check domain names & yellow pages, so simply do a search for "free domain name search" and "national yellowpages" and the appropriate links will pop up.

    Hope that helps! I wish you much success & happiness in all your ventures!

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