What are some examples of easy maintenance outdoor plants and flowers for yard decor?

I recently moved into my first house and the previous owner had lots of high maintenance vegetation. I’d like to spend time cultiuvating a produce garden and not really worrying about flowers etc but I would like some things to spruce up the yard. What are some examples of plants that need little to no care once placed in the ground that can liven up my yard a bit?

-Also, I’ve been told that plants native to my area are easier so just for your information: I’m in Southeast Tennessee.

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6 Responses to “What are some examples of easy maintenance outdoor plants and flowers for yard decor?”

  1. bugear001 Says:


  2. just me Says:

    you need to find out what zone you are in then the nursery can help you find low maintenance items for your particular area. I would put as many high impact perrenials as you can, they will give you more bang for your buck, you wont have to replant every year, but as far as what will winter over in your area and your zone ask the nursery or check on line

  3. molly Says:

    I think these flowering shrubs would work in your area – forsythia, lilacs, wegelia, spirea – all produce flowers in the Spring. Rose of Sharon produces flowers later – July August. All are wonderfully low, even no, maintenance. You may find that you want to prune, but I find most of these flowering shrubs do just fine with no pruning.

  4. Dode Says:

    not sure what zone you are in(I’m in zone 7) but lantana is an easy to care for plant, it likes the hot sun. Also rose moss, petunias and bulbs like daffodils. If you can find what zone you are in you could do a search over the net.

  5. whatudeserve69 Says:

    Look into the loropetalum, or chinese fringe flower. Here’s a link so you can see what it looks like. http://www.usna.usda.gov/Newintro/loro.pdf It is an evergreen shrub with the most beautiful bright pink very early spring flowers and dark red new growth. Also azaleas are a good choice for your area. If you want more than a one time flower in spring though, look over the azalea encore collections. They bloom several times during the year. Camellias would do well too and they are evergreen as well with gorgous flowers.

    If you were looking more for flowers instead of shrubs, daylilys are nice and they have rebloom varieties but like a lot of sun. If you have a lot of shade, hosta are a great low maintenance plant.

  6. bluetailkinker Says:

    Yew’s, Hosta’s, Mums are all low maintenance as well as some of the others mention by the others.

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