what is this table made out of?

it says "saalwood" but i looked that up and apparently theres no such thing as saalwood. what might they have meant? the google correction suggestion is sandalwood but sandalwood costs more per kilogram than this entire table! what do you think its made out of?

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5 Responses to “what is this table made out of?”

  1. Mary Says:

    Since the ad says it is made from "reclaimed" wood it might suggest a "salvaged " product, perhaps a form of compressed wood bits combined with a base of glue or other adhering substance. This may be made into "blocks" from which table parts are made, or perhaps molded into parts for tables etc.

  2. Nurse Susan Says:

    Apparently, ‘saalwood’ is a hardwood from India.
    That could make it very cheap. [ in quality ].
    Also ‘reclaimed wood’ [ taken from timbers, decking, etc. from old buildings, etc. ] is usually cheaper.

  3. briggs451 Says:

    I think Saalwod is the name of the furniture collection and perhaps its manufacturer. As their ad says, the furniture is made from reclaimed wood which I suppose means it could be of any kind. Someone who deals in furniture would have to look at it to say what kind of wood it is.

  4. me Says:

    It’s a anacronym for Salvaged wood. This can be any wood…from fallen trees, to old broken furniture or even demolitions. Basicly almost any wood can be reworked and stained to mimic the look of another.

  5. Ant Boni Says:

    All of our Saalwood furniture collection is made from reclaimed wood and has a moisture content of 6-8%. Minor cracks are part of the natural beauty of these pieces and we consider this an acceptable part of the these products

    This is stated in the link you provided. It’s a composite/manmade material.

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