What paint should I use to create my masterpiece?

I would like to get into painting canvases. Not for money but more or less to hang in my house (to match specific decor). However, I know very little about painting and have no idea what type of materials are used by semi/professionals. I definitely don’t want to use water color but am not sure if I need to use oil paints. There is specific paint for stencilling also, with the very stiff brushes, that I have used before with success for a border, but I don’t know if that would look ridiculous on canvas. If it matters, I wouldn’t be painting a house or a garden, it would be an abstract mess of colors and shapes. Any help?

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    3 Responses to “What paint should I use to create my masterpiece?”

    1. colin b Says:

      if your doing it to match or compliment your decor. then you could use domestic paint. emulsion works fine. my niece does it all the time. she even uses the border rolls of wallpaper on some of them. which looks really good.

      she dribbled paint onto a canvas lying on the floor, just like Jackson Pollock in black and white. it looks brilliant.

      other than that, its probably best to stick to acrylics. as its easy to clean up once you finish.

      both emulsion and acrylics are good for stenciling.. you can use a stippling brush or a sponge for that.

      another thing you could do is cut shapes out of foam and stick them onto a piece of stiff card or thin wood. to make stamps instead of stencils. you can buy stamps in some hardware stores.

      good luck. and most of all have fun doing it

    2. Steph the artist Says:

      Use acrylic. They’re easier to handle.
      I don’t know about the stencilling paint though.

    3. t*3 Says:

      use spray paint for stencils!
      its just easier and looks alot better
      check my website ther are stenciled artworks ther – http://www.t3art.co.uk

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