which arch for outdoor wedding?

This the garden where the wedding is going to be.


we will have these flower balls for the aisle decorations

which arch should we go with.



im meeting with florist on wednesday id like to have an idea of what will look better and not too over the top. thanks
sorry about the second link.
I’m having 150 guest.

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    15 Responses to “which arch for outdoor wedding?”

    1. Mrs S Says:

      I think the first one is too much for outside. The link for the second did not work.
      Here’s one like the first, but a little less,
      Here are some simple wood ones:
      These are cute too.

    2. Deanri Says:

      I tried to look but the link for the second arch doesn’t work!

      Thanks Ren!

      I like the second one much better! The first one seems bulky and too much for outside. The second one is softer and will look nice with the boldness of the flower balls you chose.

    3. itsmelynzi Says:

      The second link for the arch didn’t show up.. I like the first one..

      EDIT: I just looked at the link, It’s got a period at the end. I still like the first one best, I think.

    4. Ren Says:

      The second one looks much better. I did not like the first, it doesnt seem to fit.

      Everyone, click on the link then delete the period (.) after the jpg

    5. LoriBeth Says:

      the second one! the first one is way too much

    6. ladybug542006 Says:

      I think the first one is a bit over the top-the second one is the better choice. The flower balls will look great on the aisle. Have a wonderful day!

    7. Soon 2B MRS. Howard! Says:

      I like both. The first one seems to be a bit much but the second one seems like you would want to add a little bit more to it. I am up in the air with both but I like them, Good Luck.

    8. ertstic Says:

      If you remove the period from the end of the second link, you can see it. I actually like the second arch better for that particular setting. I think the first arch is a little too opulent, and would be more appropriate in something like a rose garden. The second arch is lighter and airier, and I think it fits the feeling of the space better.

    9. Pink Denial Says:

      The second link works if you delete the period after "jpg"

      I like the second one MUCH better. The garden and pew balls you’ve chosen have a structured, but still natural and romantic feel. The first arch is just all wrong. It’s too structured and kind of screams "tacky wedding decoration". Why would white marble pillars be in the middle of this garden? They wouldn’t, ever, so it will look out of place. Plus it’s not real marble, so it will go against the natural feel.

      The second archway, with the casual draping of material and the more realistic-looking flowers, seems to fit the garden and your pew decorations perfectly. Go with that one.

    10. Green Eyes Says:

      I really like the second one. I think the first one is too "over the top" for an outdoor wedding.

    11. Green_eyes 69 Says:

      I like the 3rd one

    12. marchhareinjune Says:

      I agree with everyone else that the second is more suited for an outdoor wedding ~ however, there were a ton of chairs set up in the garden. Are you going to have a large number of guests? If so, then use the first arch. It will be the right size & scale for a large wedding. Yes, it’s a little over the top ~ but this is your *wedding ceremony* ~ when else can you be so over the top? 😉 This is the one time in your life when it is acceptable 🙂

      If you have a large number of people attending, the second arch may look a little dwarfed by all of the activity surrounding it.

      Either way, congrats & best of luck to you 🙂

    13. Kristen Says:

      I like #1

    14. hot_sexy_redhead1982 Says:

      Both are very nice, but #1 doesn’t look right for outdoors but #2 looks perfect.

    15. sparkleythings_4you Says:

      I love the flower ball decorations for the aisle, I carried a pomander style bouquet and think they look so cute! I much prefer the 2nd arch, the first is too much for my taste.

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