5 Things I Learned About Gardening in 2011

It’s December that means it’s time to start breaking out the β€œ2011” lists. Here are five things that I learned about gardening in 2011. What did you learn? For more information, please visit www.UrbanOrganicGardener.com.

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    22 Responses to “5 Things I Learned About Gardening in 2011”

    1. theracemixer Says:

      1) I learned not to water my tomato plant from the top. next time i’m watering on the soil.
      2) Not to spend too much money on raisdbed. Next year i’m using weed cover instead.
      3) i learned the how to make compost.
      4) what worm casting is.
      5) i learned how to make composttea.
      6) THIS IS A BIG ONE.

    2. Allen2045 Says:

      I learned to add more soil to my garden beds. Don’t plant plants that will shade out smaller plants. Use organic fertilizer. Put cages or support around plants before they are to big to do so. Lable your plants. Learn? what grows well in your zone and what does not…

    3. johnatncsu Says:

      Interesting and thoughtful. I learn gardening by making mistakes, all too often. Probably the biggest mistake that I made this season was my containers were too close together so caring for and harvesting some plants was cumbersome and difficult because I had trouble extending my reach to some? of them. In terms of success, I learned that I could grow a good crop of Irish potatoes in 5-gallon buckets. I will probably double my crop of potatoes next year from the 6 buckets planted this year.

    4. 8drewski Says:

      i learned i should’ve started earlier cause my plants aint ready and its close to frosty? temps out here plus rock dust is really essential for your plants and mycorrhizae fungi too for larger roots cant wait to learn more this spring!

    5. dt65262 Says:

      I learned I can make my own self watering containers, and not kill everything by not being there? for a couple days. I’ve also learned several new recipes and that every one can make a difference even if it’s a garden of lettuce…if you like it then why not try to grow your own…stand up if you think you’re right. Thanks for all the great video’s this year and I’m looking forward to 2012

    6. GospelTruth37059 Says:

      I agree with #6 the bible says its even a obmination to trust in man instead of God. I pray over my work including gardening. The bible says without the blessing of the lord we do anything in vain. I do things now and pray over them including my gardening and it makes a
      hugeeeeee difference πŸ™‚ Simple? prayer like (Father God please bless this garden for your glory in Jesus name amen) Try it youll see πŸ™‚ God bless MIke πŸ™‚

    7. shayli8 Says:

      love your posts and thank? you for speaking up πŸ™‚

    8. tbirchfield Says:

      i learned to try new things with gardening, ‘planting out of the row’ so to speak. kinda already knew and for the same reason? you shared have to be careful with greens in the summer time bugs really like them better to plant in September so when they come up the bugs are dead from frost. thank you for all your tips, also love the idea of praying over my garden before working in it- had not occurred to me to do that. Pray without ceasing applies here.

    9. xxnoangelxx Says:

      I learned to stagger my planting so I have a longer harvest.
      I learned that collard, cabbage & salad greens prefer cooler weather plant them early spring or late summer.You’ll be harvesting till Nov.
      I am convert to self watering containers whether home made or store bought it makes maintence a lot easier.
      I have learn to relax and enjoy my garden. I find peace there.?

    10. CanarsieBK Says:

      @theracemixer Hahaha That’s the best point of all.?

    11. CanarsieBK Says:

      @Allen2045 I’ve learned the labeling thing too. Always think you’ll? remember, but never do.

    12. CanarsieBK Says:

      @johnatncsu Nice? bro!

    13. CanarsieBK Says:

      @8drewski? Good stuff. Thanks for always sharing.

    14. CanarsieBK Says:

      @GospelTruth37059 Thank you? πŸ˜‰

    15. CanarsieBK Says:

      @shayli8? Thank you for watching.

    16. CanarsieBK Says:

      @tbirchfield True.? True.

    17. CanarsieBK Says:

      @xxnoangelxx Yes. I need to stagger as well. Have lots now,? but won’t have much in a lil bit.

    18. theracemixer Says:


    19. SteveHarpster Says:

      cool? video thanks, I learned take notes. get a notebook and make a garden guide in it. learn from others and TAKE notes. put notes on a calender. like what day you put fertilizer down. what fertilizer did you use. what plant? what you planted. etc

    20. mschdk Says:

      1. Tomatoes are NOT like peppers, they really DO need trimming and cutting, or else you get huge greenery with little crop? (when the season is short, anyways)
      2. Not to build raised beds too tall. Difficult to water right.
      3. Germinate every seed in it’s own little container. Too much root damage when transplanting.
      4. Dandelions are edible and DELICIOUS! (Generally, there are so many yummy things around in the wild)
      5. NOT to wait for sweet corn to ripen (short growing season).

    21. CanarsieBK Says:

      @mschdk Thanks for sharing. What’s your favorite way to prepare dandelion??

    22. mschdk Says:

      @CanarsieBK Didn’t? quite figure how to use them best but I ate a lot of flowers directly off the plants… I also dried a handful of flowers and mixed with jalapeno… A beautiful mix: Flowery with a slight heat, great on toast!

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