Best Post Black Friday Deal For Gardeners.. Save 50% Off Saturday November 26 Only

John from shares with you the best after black friday sale for gardeners. In this episode you will learn why John got up early this Saturday to make this video and where he is going to get 50% off one item of his choice to keep his garden habbit growing. Print the coupon at

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    20 Responses to “Best Post Black Friday Deal For Gardeners.. Save 50% Off Saturday November 26 Only”

    1. johnsheets76 Says:

      Thanks for sharing!

    2. rlopez95207 Says:

      Thanks john for shareing

    3. FlyGirl7221 Says:

      Thanks John, on my way there/

    4. Incredibleisaac2 Says:


    5. troooth2011 Says:

      Thank you, John!

    6. redherringbone Says:

      Oh my gosh Thank You! I went to Ace yesterday and there was no sale on the item I wanted so I didn’t get it. I was just getting ready to go back today when I clicked on this vid. Talk about perfect timing!!

    7. amusingisthedawn Says:

      Did Black Friday bring you to the store to buy an HD camcorder so we can see your beautiful plants in full 1080p???

    8. scottmanb2005 Says:

      You The Man, John!

    9. briteblossom Says:

      love this man! haha

    10. madeofyucca Says:

      Cool. Thanks for the heads up!

    11. Zippypo Says:

      Thanks for sharing John the ACE is a little far for me to make a special trip.

    12. johnatncsu Says:

      A new hoe is usually an improvement…

    13. THUGOONIE Says:


    14. SheepDog707 Says:

      @johnatncsu Win.

    15. Uriel1816 Says:

      Ace is the place.

    16. ghostchaser13 Says:

      AWESOME! Thanks John! I’m on my way too!

    17. ghostchaser13 Says:

      p.s.winning! lol

    18. Sankarreddy13 Says:

      saved at-least $50 on (Rubbermaid cooler, Zyliss knife set, fire extingusiher, bird/squirrel net for plants) today. Thanks.

    19. BEEMANCOD Says:

      Hey jon why dont you apply to be a youtube partner and get paid for your videos?

    20. FarmerGrant011 Says:

      I went and I bought hardware cloth (half inch) and I bought a pond pump!! 😀 😀 😀 thanks for the information!

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