Can I save my indoor herb garden?

I have a small herb garden in a spare bathroom that I have placed a grow light in. Some plants are doing really well, while others aren’t. I cut back most of the herbs in the fall but some of them haven’t started growing new again. The bathroom stay cool but not too cold. We have a clothes dryer in there that we use but it doesn’t get too hot or humid. Thoughts?

Here is what I have:

Doing Well:
Aloe x2

Hanging on for dear life:

Possibly dormant or dead?:
Mint – in own container

Pretty sure these are gonners:
Sweet Marjoram
Lemon Balm
* these three were potted together. Perhaps that is why they all perished.

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2 Responses to “Can I save my indoor herb garden?”

  1. panicbutton4562003 Says:

    You might want to do some research to find out whether or not the plants you are having trouble with are annuals or perennials. Most plants go through a dormant stage and look like they are dead but give them a month or two and they should spring back.

  2. gibbyguys Says:

    They should be potted seperately.My step dad is a horticultural Architect.I asked and he says you can pot them individually and that will help them grow a little better.

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