Why Should I Make A Compost Pile?

There is not one answer as to why you should make a compost pile. There are in fact several benefits of a compost pile – not only for yourself, but for your garden and the environment as a whole.

In terms of you and your garden, creating your own compost pile will provide you with enough fertilizer for your beloved vegetables and plants the whole year through. The fertilizers that you can buy are an expense that you could eliminate with composting. It is time to recycle your kitchen and garden waste into something worthwhile, if you don’t – your throwing away your money. Kitchen and garden waste are the main components of composting, a source of which will naturally decompose on your compost heap to provide you with an organic mulch and nutritious food for your soil.

Landfills are primarily filled with the household waste of you and everyone else on the planet. However, sending your waste off to landfill is going far off the ‘green’ trail. Organic gardening and green living is finally being understood and pursued for its benefits not only on your individual gardens but for the environment as a whole. Biodegradable produce such as grass cuttings, the leftovers of fruit and vegetables and so on are so very advantageous to our planet. The nutrients and matter that they have are the perfect food for all wildlife, especially plants, trees and flowers – sending them off to landfill is a waste of resources. Not only that, but if you choose to utilize manufactured fertilizer sprays – the chemicals within them are damaging the atmosphere.

I hope that the benefits of composting are starting to sink in. Creating your own compost pile is very simple and will not require much time or effort once it is set up. You might be thinking that your garden is not big enough to accommodate a compost pile – but you are wrong to do so, there is a size to fit all. What if you don’t grow anything in your garden? Well, consider helping out your neighbors or family by producing compost for their gardens. They will appreciate it no end!

The container for your compost is not really an issue – you could buy a plastic or wooden hold, build one by yourself or just leave it on the ground without any container. The importance lies in the actual compost pile – not it’s container.

The best way to create a compost heap is to have it in contact with the open ground. This allows for the organisms already living in your soil to access the heap with ease. Insects, worms and some fungi are the mechanics in turning your waste into a fine substance to use in the garden.

The other important factor and the only real work you will need to do is adding the right waste and turning it around on a regular basis. The right waste is basically anything that is decomposable. Synthetic fibers should not be dumped on the pile – such as plastic. Your compost pile will welcome all garden waste like fallen leaves, grass cuttings and weeds. Kitchen waste such as vegetable peelings, fruit cores and paper. For the organisms to carry out their job properly they require plenty of air circulation throughout the heap – so use a garden fork or spade to give it a good mix.

Once you have set up your compost heap and witnessed the benefits and improvements it has made to your garden, I guarantee there will be no turning back! 😉

Compost Pile

Compost Pile

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